Missouri: Guy Walks Into Walmart in Body Armor with a Rifle Just to Chill

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 9, 2019

I think the entire social order of the United States is going to collapse presently.

This place is a tinder box ready to blow.


A man strapped with “tactical weapons,” sporting body armor and carrying 100 rounds of ammunition has been arrested at a Missouri Walmart just days after another heavily-armed man killed 22 people at a Walmart in Texas.

Strapped with body armor and carrying “tactical weapons,” the white 20-something man dressed in camouflage fatigues entered a Springfield, Missouri Walmart and filmed himself pushing a shopping cart through the store as other shoppers fled in terror on Thursday.

An off-duty firefighter held the heavily-armed man at gunpoint when he stepped outside after the store manager pulled the fire alarm to encourage shoppers to escape. The firefighter held him until Springfield Police arrived.

“His intent was not to cause peace or comfort…He’s lucky he’s alive still, to be honest,” Springfield Police Lieutenant Mike Lucas told local media, confirming that the man’s weapons were loaded and that he was carrying over 100 rounds of ammunition.

As everyone knows, I am not a conspiracy guy. But I don’t know if all of this shit that is happening is actually real or not. There is not really any way to know.

What I do know is that it would be well within the ability of the intelligence agencies to stage these sorts of events. All you would need to do is find mentally ill people on the internet and provoke them. It would be incredibly easy.

So then you have to ask: why wouldn’t they? 

If I were them, I would. Staged mass shootings are the easiest possible way to spread mass terror through society.

The possibility obviously exists that for the last four years all kinds of events have been staged as a kind of massive psychological warfare operation for the purpose of launching mass civil unrest and then revolutionizing America.

It ultimately doesn’t matter whether the events are real or not.

Because this is happening, and it isn’t going to stop.

Lately, I’ve been wondering if the entire Alt-Right wasn’t organized for an ulterior purpose. Or perhaps not organized for, but used for. And I would assume that there was probably heavy involvement in the organization as well.

Why wouldn’t there be? 

And I’ll tell you – there have been a whole lot of extremely weird people involved.

Tucker Carlson saying that the entire “White Supremacy” scare is a gigantic hoax hit me right in the feels.

He said the entire membership of every White Supremacy group in America could fit inside a college football stadium.

This is obviously accurate.

Rising consciousness of white identity is a separate issue of course – this is simply a natural response to the attacks on us by these people. But there is definitely a desire to play this up, and there seems to be a desire to cause these violent events.

You know, after Charlottesville, a narrative that it was a “terrorist attack” was rolled out. The mayor, governor and the police chief all said it was a “premeditated attack on the city.”

And did you know they also said that the downing of a police helicopter was a part of the “terrorist attack”? Did you remember that? Not many people remember that. A police helicopter crashed and two cops died.

How often do helicopters crash? 

They actually tried to blame those deaths on the demonstrators. Was that part of a planned narrative?

Were they planning to set something up where protesters were accused of killing cops? 

We also know that the police planned to attack the rally and drive people into the leftist mob.

Who planned this event?

The media kept saying that I planned it and I can assure you I most certainly did no such thing. But someone did.

This entire thing was a setup. And it seems to have been designed to feed into a larger narrative that is currently being used to spur a movement that could not exist without this narrative of “White Supremacy.”

Seriously – you cannot turn on any form of media without hearing about race and racism and the threat of White Supremacy. It is literally nonstop. This is ONLY POSSIBLE because of what they did with Charlottesville and with the Alt-Right generally.

I am banned from all platforms now. The media doesn’t mention me anymore. And yet, not everyone is banned.

Who are these people that are allowed to operate freely and promote white identity politics?

What are they doing with that ability?

Are they waking up new people?

Are they doing anything other than playing a role in a gigantic media narrative that has been going on for four years about the threat that white people pose to peace and civility?

From what I’ve seen of the people who haven’t been censored, none of them are saying much of anything at all, nor are they really getting any traffic, let alone growing anything. It appears that certain people are being kept on ice to be rolled out later in order to demonstrate the threat of WHITE SUPREMACY, which was never actually a threat at all.

We never had any political power. We never came anywhere at all even close to having any political power. And yet we are being told that we are the most important thing in American politics – because why? 

I don’t know. But I’ll tell you what, I think a whole lot needs to be rethought.

What was the “contingency plan” talked about in the Peter Strzok texts? 

The secret plan that apparently the entire intelligence community was in on to deal with the election of Donald Trump?

Was it simply to stage the Russian hoax, or was it something bigger?

It feels to me as if we are in the midst of some kind of massive mind-warfare situation, which has been building for years, wherein white people are being framed as evil for the purpose of stirring up mass hatred and causing some type of large-scale escalation of violence, and a civil conflict which white people will inevitably lose.

It seems possible or probable that this will happen in the remaining 15 months before the election, at which point a new era will be ushered in. An era where being white is effectively illegal. Where the entire population is clamped down on, using the police and military, in the name of quelling civil unrest.

But you know.

Who knows?

Maybe not.

Maybe I’m just thinking too much about it. Or maybe I need to think more about it.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I’ll keep you all updated on my thoughts.

The two year anniversary of Charlottesville is next week.