Texas Governor Greg Abbott Builds His Own Border Wall, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Sends Help

Ron DeSantis is bullying every Republican governor to up their game.

The Texas cripple has been particularly hit by this move.

Houston Chronicle:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Wednesday that he will use $250 million in state money and crowdsourced financing to build more barriers along the U.S. border with Mexico, part of an emerging proposal that also extends his political fight over immigration with the Democratic Biden administration.

But questions remain over how far Abbott, a Republican, can go for a project whose total cost, length and timeline are unclear and could face legal challenges from the federal government.

Let’s all stand and give Governor Abbott a round of applause.

Over a dozen Republican members of the Texas House and Senate joined Abbott for a livestreamed press conference announcing his intentions to hire a project manager to continue constructing some version of a wall announced last week, echoing former President Donald Trump’s unfinished campaign promise to fortify the southern U.S. border, of which 1,200 miles (1,930 kilometers) is in Texas. Abbott also said he is asking the federal government to return land obtained for the U.S. government’s wall and return it to private citizens who can allow Texas to finish the job.

In response to the federal government’s neglect of all of the people who live along the border, the people who are facing the consequences of the spread of drugs like fentanyl, Texas is stepping up and doing more than any other state ever has done to respond to these challenges along the border,” Abbott said. “Texas taxpayers are having to step up so we as a state can protect our citizens.”

State Sen. Jane Nelson, chair of the state Senate Finance Committee, said in the press conference that the $250 million in state money — that Abbott referred to as a down payment — was being allocated as authorized under emergency orders. She did not clarify where the public money came from originally, but in a letter released later by Abbott’s office the governor said said it would come from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s budget.

The state also has set up a webpage and post office box so anyone can donate money for Abbott’s wall.

Abbott has also asked other states for help, and Wednesday, Florida’s GOP governor, Gov. Ron DeSantis, heeded that call, announcing he would send law enforcement from his state to Texas and Arizona, where fellow Republican Doug Ducey has also requested help from other states.

This is good news.

For real.

Governors taking action against the feds is the only way we’re going to see anything good happen.

The presidential election was stolen, and so future presidential elections will be stolen – the only path to victory now is for states to start taking back power from the feds, and acting on their own.

Ron DeSantis is leading that charge.

It sucks that no one is running against Abbott in 2022. But hey – he’s apparently easy to bully. If he gives DeSantis any crap, DeSantis can show up and dump him out of his wheelchair.

But I don’t think that’s necessary. I think DeSantis is able to publicly bully him, and get him to do the right thing. That’s what we’ve seen.