Texas: Governor Cripple Meets with George Floyd’s Family, Considering Abolishing the Cops

Why are cripples always such repulsive cowards?

Texas, you really got yourself a humdinger in this Governor Abbott, huh?

Talk about betraying the will of the people – this is a Republican who not only shut the bitch down against the will of the people for the flu hoax, but also funded a hundreds of million dollar “contact tracing” spy program. Now he’s not only signaling how much he loves the blacks, but flirting with the “abolish the police” activists.

What is the point of democracy again? You vote for these people, then they do the opposite of what they said they were going to do, and then you’re to blame because you didn’t read the secret mystery of their aura and find out they were lying about everything.

This sonovabitch went to the Traveling Funeral of the Floyd – his corpse is getting flown around the country like John McCain’s – and bowed down before the family. He’s literally joined the Negro Worshiper religion.

The Hill:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) met with George Floyd’s family on Monday when he traveled to Houston for Floyd’s viewing.

The governor told reporters he was meeting with Floyd’s family privately to express his condolences and give them a flag flown over the Texas Capitol in Floyd’s honor. Abbott also signaled that he would back police reforms after Floyd died in Minneapolis police custody last month.

“Today is a sad day. Ever since his death has been a sad day,” Abbott said.

Imagine the level of cuckoldry it takes to formulate those words. Ever since his death, Governor Abbott has felt so sad.

When Governor Abbott is at his office working, the image of George comes into his mind and he has to fight back tears.

When he’s at the legislature, he does his best to hide his pain, but George never leaves his mind.

Then when he gets home to the governor’s mansion, George again appears in his thoughts.

Only when he’s alone, he doesn’t have to fight back the tears – he can just let them flow. Let flow the tears of such deep sadness for George Floyd, an innocent drug addict and violent criminal who died at the hands of racist police.

Abbott said the death of Floyd, a longtime Houston resident who moved to Minneapolis a few years ago, was “the most horrific tragedy I’ve ever personally observed.” The governor said he was committed to working with Floyd’s family “to ensure we never have anything like this ever occur in the state of Texas.”

“George Floyd has not died in vain,” Abbott said. “His life will be a living legacy about the way that America and Texas responds to this tragedy.”

The governor also promised the family that “discussions about the pathway forward” would not be overtaken by politicians and would be led by family members, victims and others “who have suffered because of racism for far too long.”

Abbott said that the Texas Legislature, which will meet again in January 2021, has already begun discussions on addressing police brutality. The governor said some members he has spoken with have cited that better law enforcement training is needed.

“Remember this: Texas has a legacy of success, whether it be the Timothy Cole Act, the Sandra Bland Act and now maybe the George Floyd Act to make sure that we prevent police brutality like this from happening in the future in Texas,” he said. 

There are riots in Texas, by the way.

While the governor is meeting with these blacks and saying that whites are to blame.

I know that some Republicans believed in the flu hoax, but I’m refusing to believe that any of them believe in the black mistreatment hoax. Especially after the riots, I just can’t imagine there is an ounce of sympathy for these blacks other than among the childlike, emotional left.

But somehow, all these Republicans are going out there, worshiping at the altar of the Sacred Negro.


I spent waaaaaay too much time on that Greg Abbott comic. I got into it and I just couldn’t stop. I enjoy doing the art. It’s relaxing. I’m thinking about making it into a regular thing – “The Adventures of Governor Cripple: The Steel Chair Can’t Hide a Heart of Solid Gold.”

Anyway, since I wasted all that time, here’s the full thing in one image, so you can easily share it with the people you truly love.

Honestly, this was literally worth the time.

I mean, what the hell kind of thing is this?

What is the matter with Greg Abbott?

Is he really just totally deranged from being a cripple?

We should just bring back that goofy guy, whatsizname.

At least he was ALPHA.