Texas: Dindu in Bikini is Suing Officer for Arresting Her

Daily Stormer
January 6, 2017

Most tragedies are only comparable to six million Jews being shoahed. This is closer to six gorrillion.

Remember Poolcaust?

We were told that the cop who arrested the Negress in the video wouldn’t face any consequences and that this was comparable to the gassing of the six gorillion.

And while this cop won’t be jailed (although he’s already lost his job and is undoubtedly finding it difficult to get hired now), he is now being sued by the nog that he arrested.

But I can’t be too critical of this Negress. She may have not suffered in any way due to this officer’s entirely reasonable actions, but that’s beside the point. This was a white male who had the audacity, the audacity to force a noble African queen to the ground.

It is totally unacceptable that in 2017, white men still exist that don’t immediately bow down to the kangz.

Huffington Post:

Dajerria Becton, the black teenager slammed to the ground during a 2015 pool party in McKinney, Texas, has filed a federal lawsuit against the officer involved, the city and the McKinney Police Department for $5 million.

A cell phone video that went viral in June 2015 shows Eric Casebolt, the officer responding to disturbance calls at Craig Ranch North Community Pool, yanking 15-year-old Becton to the ground, putting his knee into her back and pulling his service weapon on two other teens.

Casebolt resigned following national backlash to the incident. On July 23, a grand jury failed to indict the former officer for his treatment of Becton.

In the lawsuit, filed on Dec. 19, Becton and her legal guardian allege that Casebolt’s forceful arrest and his decision to hold the teen without probable cause violated her constitutional rights. The plaintiffs also claim that inadequate police training and a policy that “encourages officers to use force first and ask questions later” are to blame for Becton’s injuries.

The prosecuting attorney in this case is obviously a racist. Any white man who isn’t racist knows that he can never use force against any black person “first” or “later”, for any reason.

See what’s left of that white dude? He had the right idea.

If we ever want to even approach the splendor of nations like Haiti, we can’t be brutalizing these poor negroes. All we have to do is give them license to take everything from us and do anything they want to us. It’s the only way western countries can ever realize their full potential.

And even though crucifying people like Officer Casebolt and letting the niggers roam free does mean that a few white people will have to die, you have to see the bigger picture. Eggs might be great, sure, but they are only useful when you use them to make omelets. White people are the eggs. Nigtopia is the omelet. Get the picture?