Texas Democrats Reportedly Asked Non-Citizens to do Voter Registration

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 19, 2018

New reports are suggesting that the Democrat Party does not believe in democratic values.

Considering that the Democrat Party has been so concerned about foreigners interfering in the United States electoral process, it is quite shocking that there are reports of them asking non-citizens to do voter registration. This type of activity does not fall in line with democratic values.

Washington Times:

The Texas Democratic Party asked non-citizens to register to vote, sending out applications to immigrants with the box citizenship already checked “Yes,” according to new complaints filed Thursday asking prosecutors to see what laws may have been broken.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation alerted district attorneys and the federal Justice Department to the pre-checked applications, and also included a signed affidavit from a man who said some of his relatives, who aren’t citizens, received the mailing.

“This is how the Texas Democratic Party is inviting foreign influence in an election in a federal election cycle,” said Logan Churchwell, spokesman for the PILF, a group that’s made its mark policing states’ voter registration practices.

The Texas secretary of state’s office said it, too, had gotten complaints both from immigrants and from relatives of dead people who said they got mailings asking them to register.

The Texas Governor Greg Abbott is not amused and has said that the complaints are being investigated. He also added that there will be serious consequences if proven true.

For the past two years, all we have heard from the Democrat Party is talk about how the Russians allegedly interfered in the 2016 election. They’ve even gone so far as to accuse Donald Trump of colluding with the Russians to help him win the election. This despite them not having any evidence to prove their claims.

The fact that there are complaints alleging that they are trying to recruit non-citizens to vote is the height of hypocrisy. These people have no principles and couldn’t give a damn about free and fair elections. All they care about is winning and gaining power. This means they will say or do anything to achieve their goals.

They’re in panic because the Democrat Beto O’Rourke who is running against Ted Cruz for the Texas Senate seat is not doing so well. A recent CNN poll shows Cruz leading by 7 points which means Cruz is probably up by 10 points or more. O’Rourke has received huge amounts of money from establishment sources and the Jewish media has even tried to meme him into some type of trendy skateboarding figure.

None of this has worked because O’Rourke is an open borders Marxist and the people of Texas are not on board with such an agenda. The Democrats probably figure that the only chance they have for victory is to get non-citizens to cast votes.

This behavior is quite disgusting though. If proven true, the Democrat Party owes the American people an apology for engaging in behavior that is against freedom and democratic values.