Texas: Crippled Kook Still Going Nuts Over Virus Hoax

Everyone knows that the death toll is not going up.

But the total number of infected is going up. They admit this is because they’re testing more people. If the death toll is going down and the infected number is going up, that necessarily means it is being proved to be less deadly.

The wider the gap between infected and dying, the less deadly it is. It’s not hard math.

But Greg Abbot can’t think on his feet.


The spread of coronavirus infections has taken a “swift and very dangerous turn” in the US state of Texas, Governor Greg Abbott has warned.

“Over just the past few weeks, the daily number of cases have gone from an average of about 2,000, to more than 5,000,” Mr Abbott said on Sunday.

Several southern and western states have recorded a surge in cases after lockdown restrictions were eased.

The number of reported infections in the US has now surpassed 2.5 million.

Over 125,000 Covid-19-related deaths have been confirmed nationwide – more than in any other country.

The virus has now been linked to more than 500,000 deaths worldwide, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University in the US.

Firstly, everyone knows that number is a hoax. Both the CDC and Madam Birx herself said that if anyone died for any reason and tested positive for coronavirus, or was even suspected to have had it, they were marked as dying FROM it. No matter what the actual cause of death was.

In at least one case, someone died of coronavirus after falling down and dying of a brain trauma. Just as an example.

Other countries used similar fake math – especially Italy, where over 99% of people had comorbidities, meaning basically they died of something else.

Secondly, the Hong Kong Flu killed 4 million people in 68-69. The world population was half of what it is now.

So that would be like killing 8 million people now. Which is 16 times what coronavirus has killed (according to hysterical fake statistics which are probably quadruple the actual number).

In 1968 there was no lockdown, there were no forced masks. There was no collapse of the economy. People just manned up and dealt with the situation, and most people don’t even remember it happening.

The fact that in current year we have a Republican governor – governor of one of the most conservative states in the country – pushing this ridiculous gibberish is just beyond the pale.

How do people tolerate this?

We need to start organizing protests against Republicans.

We can’t protest Jews or any leftist cause at all, because we get attacked by Antifa and then sent to prison if we defend ourselves. But Antifa isn’t going to come out and protest Republicans. We need to start organizing protests against Republicans and screaming at them to stop “doing something” about this virus hoax and start DOING SOMETHING about this revolution.

Republicans are the people who we elected to fight the left, and the reason that the left is winning is that they are not fighting. The most obvious thing in the world is that they should be the target of our wrath. Protesting the left serves no obvious purpose anyway.

People in Texas are protesting the mask rules, and that’s a good thing, but they need to just directly protest the cripple himself.