Texas Congressman Blames Multiculturalism for Gun Violence and Social Decay

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 1, 2015

Rep. Pete "GTFO" Sessions.
Rep. Pete “GTFO” Sessions.

Something horrible has happening in America.

We are getting to the point where it is going to be socially acceptable to state obvious facts, even if these facts could potentially hurt the feelings of a protected group.

I blame the Donald.

Think Progress:

On the Chris Salcedo Show last week, the radio host asked Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) to weigh in on the horrific shooting on live TV of two journalists in Virginia. After acknowledging that widespread gun violence is a daily occurrence in the United States, Sessions zeroed in on what he viewed as the real cause.

It has a lot to do with distrust of people. Chris, I have been in lots of societies, we could say like Japan, where they have a homogeneous society, where people are more alike,” Sessions said. He went on to discuss “this thought process that we have to have diversity in America.”


We have a group of people that are in our country that we’re afraid of, that have created chaos and confusion. And now our country is confused” he told Salcedo, without elaborating on precisely who that group of people is.


He then went on to talk about the threats posed by the immigrant invasion.

Here’s the interview.