Texas: Boomer Triple-Stabs Jack-in-the-Box Manager for Telling Him to Wear a Mask

We’ve predicted that all of these social engineering programs associated with the coronavirus are going to lead to rampant violent insanity.

We expected it to happen on a larger scale. But it is happening, and just isn’t making the national news.

The government continues to maintain that there is no real price being paid for this Bill Gates lunacy, so the media is not highlighting the breakdowns.


Police in League City are looking for a man they say stabbed a Jack in the Box manager after being asked to wear a face mask or leave the restaurant.

It happened on Wednesday, March 17, around 8 p.m. at the Jack in the Box located at 1503 W. League City Parkway.

Police said the suspect, 53-year-old James Henry Schulz, walked in the restaurant without a face mask and was told he needed to have one in order to be served or use the drive-thru.

“[Schulz] belligerently refused and said they did not want to serve him because he was homeless and began yelling that he would be contacting his attorney as he was filming with his cell phone,” said League City police chief Gary Ratliff during a briefing Thursday afternoon.

Surveillance video released by the police department shows the manager holding up the store’s written policy as he escorts Schulz out the door. But seconds after turning his back, Schulz steps back into the restaurant, runs after the manager and attacks him with what appeared to be a pocketknife, according to investigators.

The manager was stabbed three times in the arm and upper torso. He was rushed to the hospital where he was treated and released.

Police have also released two photos of Schulz captured on surveillance video. In the images, Schulz is seen wearing a black and red flannel long-sleeved shirt and blue jeans. He’s also seen wearing a camouflage hat. Police say Schultz was also seen carrying a green backpack.

People do break down and become violent when you push them far enough.

What appears to be happening is that the social controllers are attempting to push people all the way up to the edge, without pushing them over the edge.

It’s unclear how that is going to work, but they are of course running computer simulations gauging how people are reacting to their various measures.

These violent incidents will increase, but they may not reach the epidemic proportions that one would naturally assume would happen when the population is under this amount of pressure, having their every action controlled by the government, and being directed to do things which are not only extremely invasive but also do not make any sense.

If people do start breaking down on a large scale, they will somehow link it to white supremacy QAnon conspiracies.