Texans Hit with Electricity Bills Over $10,000 After Ice Storm

Glenn Greenwald may have won the award for the most important article of 2021, but the award for cleverest lede goes to Natalie O’Neill of the New York Post.

This Texas freeze and power outage is probably the funniest thing that has ever happened on earth, so it is fitting that a story about it would have the funniest lede.

New York Post:

Texans say energy companies are on a power trip.

Electric bills in the Lone Star State skyrocketed to as high as $17,000 per month after a historic storm and power outage sparked a high demand for heat, according to reports Friday.

Dallas-area resident Ty Williams was hit with sticker shock when his monthly bill soared from $600 last month to nearly $17,000 so far this  month, according to the local station WFAA.

“How in the world can anyone pay that? I mean you go from a couple hundred dollars a month…there’s absolutely no way‚ it makes no sense,” Williams, who said he received the bill from the energy firm Griddy.

The price of power in Texas spiked from $50 to $9,000 per Megawatt in some cases due to the supply and demand disaster, according to the station.

Customers with so-called “variable or indexed” electricity plans in Texas — the only state to run its own unique stand-alone electricity grid  — are partially controlled by market demand.

Just so you understand what happened here:

  1. Texas installed windmills because the federal government says that the weather is getting too hot because of coal power.
  2. Texas experienced the coldest weather in history.
  3. The windmills, installed to fight hot weather, froze.

So it’s a very funny series of events.

People like John Kerry are now switching things up, and saying that global warming is going to cause colder weather.

Global warming is actually a total hoax, and the weather of the planet has always been changing. Humans are destroying the environment in some ways, but this has nothing to do with carbon dioxide. It has to do with water pollution, primarily from plastic and Monsanto chemicals used for farming (pesticides and fertilizers), and from deforestation, primarily in the third world.

But fixing those problems wouldn’t require people to pay taxes to a global government. In fact, fixing real environmental problems wouldn’t give governments any new powers at all. So instead of fixing real environmental problems, governments are ignoring real environmental problems and promoting the hoax problem of carbon dioxide changing the weather.

It is totally and completely fake, and it is disgusting that people like Ted Cruz are out there saying it’s real.