Terrorists Cower in Fear at Post-It Notes on London Bridge

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
June 11, 2017

As limitless Moslem immigration into Europe continues with full government approval, some of us Whites are getting a little worried. I mean, we all know what these hot-headed Hajis are like. One minute a Haji could be in a supermarket browsing meat products for that all-important “halal” sticker, then suddenly – BOOM! – he detonates himself because he couldn’t find it.

The sad fact is that many of us Europeans could be irreversibly enriched at any moment during these troubled times.

Fortunately, some brave Londoners have decided to STAND UP against the Islamic evil that threatens to consume them. Shunning traditional methods of resistance, however, these people’s weapons are not swords or guns, but office supplies.

Daily Mail:

Borough Market has been covered with tributes to the victims of last week’s terror attack, as police finally took away the last of the cordons protecting the crime scene.

In a show of solidarity, the market has been inundated with flowers and post-it notes promising that London will not be cowed by terrorists.

The notes, bearing messages such as ‘London Bridge will never fall down’ and ‘Not afraid, love you London’, lined a wall at the south end of London Bridge.

I don’t know about you guys, but if I were one of the 23,000 Moslem terrorists in the UK, I would be shaking in my sandals right now. What happened if the wind blew one of those Post-it notes in the direction of a terrorist attempting to bomb the bridge, giving him a brutal paper-cut in the process?

Have any of you ever had a paper-cut? Like, a big one?

If you have, you’ll understand why the mere threat of one is enough to prevent another attack.

If you can look at this photo without wincing, you’re made of stronger stuff than I.

Many had messages of solidarity from visiting tourists, such as ‘Love from Texas’ and ‘Kia Kaha’, which is Maori for ‘Stay Strong’.

Another poignant sign read ‘ISIS will lose, love will win’.

Well said, citizens! Hatred begets hatred, so we should fight back with the power of love.

We shouldn’t be like the Tibetans in the 1950s, who gave in to pure hatred and exterminated the peaceful Chinese who invaded them, thus losing their nation in the process.

Filled with regret for his genocidal actions during the twentieth century, the Dalai Lama has since admitted, “If I had chosen the path of pacifism rather than extermination, I am sure Tibet would have won the war and I wouldn’t be forced to live among these street-shitters.”

The tributes piled up over the week. Dozens appeared the morning after three jihadis launched a crazed knife frenzy that killed eight and injured 48 last Saturday.

The attackers ran three victims over on London Bridge before crashing their rented Renault van and moving towards Borough Market to continue their rampage.

Local police have worked closely with the traders of Borough Market throughout and appreciate their understanding of the scale and complexity of the scene and importance of capturing all available evidence.

The ongoing support and patience of the local community is appreciated whilst the Market and traders get ready to reopen.

These photos of Londoners drinking in Borough Market a week after it was Haji’d give me hope for the future. After all, nothing screams “defiance” like the sight of shapeless men drinking liquid estrogen in the shadow of the latest attack on their ancestors.

The British lion has truly awakened – and he’s mad as hell!