Terrorist-Refugees Recruited in Hungary

The New Observer
December 5, 2015

Salah Abdeslam, who led the Paris refugee-terrorist attacks, recruited two of his team members in Hungary from the massive crowd of nonwhite invaders who gathered at the Keleti railway station in Budapest prior to being put onto trains to take them to Germany, it has been revealed.


Hungarian government spokesman Janos Lazar told media today that it had now been confirmed that Abdeslam—still on the run after a massive manhunt following the Paris attacks—had been present in the huge crowd which caused such chaos in Budapest city center after storming into Europe during the first huge wave of invaders in September.

“I can confirm that one of the chief organizers of the Paris attacks came to Budapest,” Lazar said, “This person, according to our knowledge, showed up also at Keleti station where he recruited a team from among illegal immigrants and left the country together with them.”
He added that Hungary’s secret services had at that time no information upon which to act, and had only received intelligence from partner organizations after the Paris attacks had been carried out.

Lazar also said this was real cause for concern, because around 230,000 individuals had passed through Hungarian territory before the government had cracked down.

Lazar confirmed an earlier report in Belgian RTL’s news service which said that Abdeslam recruited two of the Paris suicide bombers from the crowd in Budapest.

RTL Belgium said in its report that Abdeslam was recorded as having passed the Austrian border on September 9 while returning from Hungary in a car he had rented in Belgium.

He was accompanied by two individuals, RTL Belgium said. Their identities are unknown, but intelligence services now believe it was the two members of the Paris commando which Abdeslam had picked up in Hungary after they entered Europe as “refugees” from Syria.

Earlier, Abdeslam himself was determined as having entered Europe via Greece on August 4, where he boarded a ferry to Bari in Italy. On that trip, he was accompanied by Dhamani Ahmed, a Moroccan living in Belgium who carried out the reconnaissance missions of the Paris targets for the group. Ahmed was arrested in Turkey on November 20.

The revelations prove once again that Islamist terrorists have lived up to their publicly-pronounced promise to ensure that their soldiers enter Europe disguised as “refugees” in sleeper cells to carry out attacks on Europe.