Terrorist President Tells Illegal Mexicans to Go Ahead and Vote

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 6, 2016

There is a whole lot of total insanity going on in this election.

But this may well be the most insane thing yet.

Barack Obama, in a November 3rd interview with Mexican whore Gina Rodriguez, instructed illegal aliens to go ahead and vote, claiming that they can become citizens by illegally voting in the Presidential election – “when you vote, you are a citizen yourself.”

He goes on to tell illegal immigrant voters not to worry that they will be charged with a crime, because there is no way to trace them.

This is a real thing.

This interview was not cut up to make it look like he said something he didn’t.

He actually said this.

And he has also actually said that Donald Trump was a conspiracy theorist for claiming there would be voter fraud.

As he is openly encouraging voter fraud.

This is just – it’s too much.

Most people will see this, and just assume it is somehow fake. That it has to be fake. That there is no way it could be real.

But it is. It is definitely real.

Fox News even covered it.

Even I am shocked.

How is it possible that he won’t be charged with a crime – TREASON – for this?

He is openly and publicly ordering people to commit a serious felony in order to undermine the validity of the Presidential election.

It’s just.


Just wow.

I can’t even.