Terrorist Mayor of London to Launch Thought-Police Dox-Squad

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
August 23, 2017

This is the dox-squad. One off-color joke on Twitter and they will wreck your shit, m8.

London is about the closest thing we have in our world to a dystopian cyberpunk metropolis. There are cameras on every street corner, the entire population was replaced by weird foreigners and the mayor is a Moslem terrorist for some reason.

Unhappy with the state of affair, they’re kicking things up a notch with a new cyber-thought police.


A police unit to help tackle online hate crime and provide better support for victims in London has been launched by the capital’s mayor.

The Online Hate Crime Hub is made up of five specially trained Met police officers who will try to identify, prevent and investigate online abuse.

They’ll be working hard to crush your freedoms, you filthy kaffir!

Sadiq Khan said officers would “work with community experts to develop the police’s understanding of online hate”.

“Community experts” is probably a code-word for “Jews who are looking to clamp down on the goyim.

It is the first hub of its kind in the UK and will cost £1.7m over two years.

It is being funded by the Met and the Mayor’s Office for Policing And Crime (MOPAC), with £452,000 also being contributed by the Home Office Police Innovation Fund.

A cheap price to pay for finally being safe from mean words online, right?

Alternatively, we could hire people to read people’s social media feed and print out only the politically correct posts to protect people’s feelings. It could end up being cheaper in the long run.

Any online hate crimes reported to police in the capital, including abuse posted on Twitter and Facebook, will be looked into by the unit.

Officers will provide referrals to victim support groups and work with police in relevant boroughs to investigate.

City Hall said discussions were also under way with social media companies “to develop appropriate online sanctions for perpetrators of online hate”.

So they’ll have your ass banned from Twitter on top of giving you a fine and jail time.


But the reality is that we have a similar situation in America as well, even if the government can’t shut down free speech like it could in Europe. What difference does it make if you get a fine from the government, or if mega-corporations conspire to get you fired and make your life hell?

The end result is the same.

We’re fighting against people who hate us with every fiber of their being.

If they could, they would just have everyone who posts racist jokes on Twitter executed.

Never forget that.