Terrorist Jew Nuland Says RT Doesn’t Need to be Banned Because No One Watches It

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 28, 2015

The ugly Jew hag and international terrorism mogul Victoria Nuland has attacked RT and said that though it can’t be banned because of free speech laws, but that it doesn’t matter that it can’t be banned because it has a “tiny, tiny” audience with most Americans preferring the “truthful opinions” of other media outlets.

Nuland entered the global public mind when she was caught funding terrorism in the Ukraine, playing a lead role in last year’s coup which started this retarded war.  Her husband is the prominent neoconservative Jew terrorist Robert Kagan, a man who played a leading role in the invasion of Iraq and presumably helped plan 9/11.

She has worked for Bill Clinton, Dick Chaney and NATO, where she constantly Jewed over absolutely everyone.  Due to her proven track-record for Jewing over the goyim in the most vicious manner imaginable, she was appointed Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, a job which mainly involves formenting and then escalating a new cold war with the Patriarchal fag-basher Vladimir Putin.

RT experienced feelings over her insults, and responded to the terror Jewess:

However, dismissing RT as irrelevant is a somewhat passé tactic which has been rejected by senior US officials. Poll results have also shown RT’s steady growth.

A survey conducted in the seven biggest cities in the US last year showed that RT was the most watched international network in the country, far outperforming CNN International, BBC World News, Al Jazeera America, and Euronews. Its weekly audience had doubled in a year, reaching three million.

RT’s online presence is even more extensive. Its combined YouTube channels were the first of any news organization to hit both one and two billion views, with the latter milestone reached in December. RT’s Facebook page has over 2.3 million ‘likes,’ while RT.com receives tens of millions of page views each month.

I for one am highly disappointed that RT has this capacity to spread propaganda internationally and yet is consistently failing to be hardcore.