Terrorist Group Claims Responsibility for Golden Dawn Murders, New Footage of the Attacks Released

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 18, 2013

Video and document released by terrorist group claiming responsibility for the attacks.
Video and document released by terrorist group claiming responsibility.

As I reported yesterday, a previously unknown leftist terrorist organization released a statement claiming responsibility for the November 1 killings of two members of the Golden Dawn.

Here is a Jewish news report on that.

The organization, calling itself the “Militant People’s Revolutionary Force” sent a letter to the Greek website, Zougla.gr, along with a new video of the attack.

That video is here.  It is rather brutal.  Much worse than the previous footage released by the police.

As I understand it, this is footage filmed by another member of the organization from a nearby building, which was sent by the group to the news site along with the manifesto-like document, so as to prove that the document is genuine.

I am presently working a full English translation of the bizarre, rambling document, which I should have up sometime within the next 24 hours. I believe it is important that this historic document be made available in English, and thus far no one has translated it. In fact, Zougla.gr claims that the Greek media is downplaying the document, focusing almost exclusively on the video footage.

I will say again that I do not believe that this was an operation done by the Jews, as that would make no sense. It appears to be a genuine Greek leftist terror organization. Things continue to get more and more interesting in Greece.