Terrorist French Government Puts Man in Prison for Asking Questions About Alleged Jew Gas Chambers

This is the fact as we know it: there exists not one single piece of evidence indicating that there was ever such a thing as a “homicidal gas chamber” at any of the Nazi concentration camps in Poland. These governments all admit that there is no evidence of this thing.

Yet, they will all put you in prison for mentioning the fact that no such evidence exists.

Is there a theoretical reason that they would do this, other than “Jews control Western governments”? Because I can think of no such theoretical explanation.


A French court jailed an unrepentant antisemitic activist on Friday for two postings on the internet that defamed Jews and a third that denied the Holocaust.

Hervé Lalin — who also goes by the name Hervé Ryssen — has now begun a 17-month jail term at the Fleury-Mérogis prison near Paris for the three offenses, committed between 2017 and 2020.

The court convicted Lalin for a series of antisemitic postings on Facebook and Twitter, as well as for a video he published on YouTube in 2018 — called “The Jews, Incest and Hysteria” — in which he attacked Jews as a “people of incest.”

A book-length screed by Lalin — published in 2018 and titled “Antisemitism Without Complexity or Taboo” — was condemned for denying the truth of the Nazi Holocaust, a criminal offense in France.

If the Holocaust did indeed happen, with the gas chambers and so on, we should be allowed to have a conversation about it.

Arresting and imprisoning people who ask about it simply makes it clear that these governments are not themselves confident that the event actually happened, and thus have no choice but to lock people up for discussing it.

To any reader who still has faith in the Holocaust fable, I ask you: is the Holocaust bigger than the coronavirus? Obviously, no. And they sure did hoax this coronavirus. So of course, hoaxing the Holocaust would be child’s play.

The goyim will believe ANYTHING.

The dumber the better, apparently!

These goyim right now believe that hundreds of thousands of people are dying in a secret pandemic! They believe that death is all around them, and they’re just not noticing it for some reason!

Of course they’re going to believe some idiotic gibberish about gas chambers!

In order to have a functional society, you have to have leaders who stand up and lead the people in the name of goodness and righteousness. If you have no leaders, then evil men will creep in and deceive the people.

It is the leaders who have failed to protect the masses of folks from the Jews.