Terrorist Bombing in St. Petersburg! Zero Dead!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 28, 2017


Russia is now getting hit hard with terrorist and attempted terrorist attacks.

Because they beat ISIS.


Nine people have been taken to hospital following an explosion in a storage locker at a busy St. Petersburg supermarket. Over 50 people have been evacuated from the building.

“There was a bang. Emergency personnel are already on the scene. The evacuation has been completed, and there was no fire,” a local Emergencies Ministry official told TASS news agency.

The victims were taken to the accident ward with injuries “of variable severity.” One man refused hospitalization.

Officials are treating the investigation as a potential mass homicide attempt. The explosion was caused by a homemade explosive device with the power equivalent to 200 grammes of TNT filled with lethal fragments.

Footage showed multiple medical and police vehicles parked outside the Gigant Hall leisure center, where the Perekrestok supermarket, in which the incident occurred, is located on the ground floor.

Putin has officially called this a “terrorist attack” – though thus far no one has claimed responsibility.


Russian President Vladimir Putin said a bomb blast in a St Petersburg supermarket on Wednesday was an act of terrorism, and that security forces whose lives were threatened by terrorist suspects should shoot to kill if necessary.

“You know that yesterday in St Petersburg a terrorist act was carried out,” Putin told the audience, referring to the explosion that injured 13 shoppers in a branch of the Perekrestok supermarket chain.

Investigators have opened a criminal case into Wednesday evening’s blast, which they said was caused by a homemade bomb packed with pieces of metal.

Russian media reports said the bomb was hidden in a locker where shoppers leave their belongings.

That’s scary.

All grocery stores in most of Europe don’t want you carrying a backpack through the store, so they have you put it in a locker while you shop.

Russia needs to shut it all down, ASAP.

Once these animals start drawing blood, it triggers a chain-death effect.