Terrorist Black Mothers Drive and Eject Suicide-Toddler Land Mines to Cause Traffic Accidents

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 21, 2019

Ebony Roby, 25

There’s a dangerous new trend among niggers.

Daily Mail:

A Missouri woman was charged with first-degree child endangerment on Saturday after her two-year-old son fell from her car, was hit by a truck and died.

Elijah Roby

It remains unclear how little Elijah Roby was ejected from the vehicle in St Louis County on Friday afternoon.

It’s not a mystery, and this isn’t the first instance of niggers weaponizing niglets.

Daily Mail:

Horrifying dashcam video has captured the moment a toddler who was still strapped into her car seat flew out of a moving car after her mother failed to properly fasten the seat. 

The two-year-old girl toppled out of the rear left door of the car as her mother veered around a corner in Mankato, Minnesota on Monday.

It’s pretty clear that niggers are dropping niglets in an attempt to sow terror in the streets. You never know when a niglet could pop out and cause a traffic accident. It’s known that white people will try to avoid hitting these little monkey creatures. The more sudden the drop, the less time to react.

Using nigger babies for this makes sense because everyone knows niglets are disposable. Even their mother niggers.

That is really the best explanation, because the alternative is just plain racist. If this isn’t an elaborate nigger plot to terrorize white people and cause traffic accidents, then these two very recent cases of mothers not securing their niglets before driving are a great indicator of how unfit these “people” are to live among us.

It’s not just about driving because even if they’re not allowed to drive, their dumbness translates to every other activity they do.

We recently watched Mexicans burn alive while trying to steal fuel, and that kind of incident will become more and more common in America as the demographics shift. We have to stop the demographics from shifting.

Given the current system where women can destroy men’s lives at will through divorce, online rape accusations, abuse accusations, calling the cops on you and saying you were being mean to them, and so on, the easiest way to prevent a demographic shift towards the sin-skinned would be to build The Wall and stop all immigration, not just illegal immigration.

If we don’t do something about this, these invaders will turn our countries into the shit-holes they come from.

Remember, they are the reason those shitholes exist.