Tenth Grade Race Sensitivity Course Contains Instructions to Have Sex with Black People

Outside of the whole race thing, we should probably take a minute to note what sexual education has wrought. It is now appropriate for teachers to ask high school children about casual sexual encounters, and what kinds of casual sexual encounters they’re interested in.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that this system would be abused.


A survey given to some high school students in Las Vegas is sparking outrage from parents.

Parents say students at West Technical and Career Academy were asked to answer some pretty controversial questions while in class.

The principal at West Tech in Summerlin says they’re making changes to prevent this type of content from being used in the classroom again.

Some of the questions of concern including how warm or cold the student felt about white people, and if the student would be willing to have a sexual relationship with a black person.

We’re told the survey was given as part of some implicit bias learning.

In an email obtained by 13 Action News, Principal Amy Docter Rozar told parents “we recently became aware of randomly generated questions in the survey that contain college-level content that may be inappropriate for high school students. Students were not required to complete the survey and were provided with other classroom exercise options.”

It’s good to have options.

You’ve seen these blacks that do these race sensitivity courses. They got called out by Donald Trump recently for preaching hate to government employees.

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That is how the question got into that class.