Tens of Thousands of Men Ask the Internet What’s Wrong with Their Penises Because Women are Full of Weird STIs

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
November 6, 2019

For some reason, the men who are scared to interact with women aren’t scared because the modern woman is a meatbag full of weird sexually transmitted diseases but because they crave female approval and fear female disapproval.

Imagine that. Not being scared of the ugly diseases and instead being concerned about what these dumb goo dispensers think.

Pictured: goo dispenser. Press the clitoris button, get the goo.

The idea that a man who has sex with many women is some kind of winner is an outdated idea that originated at a time when having sex with many women meant getting many women pregnant and thus winning in the “spreading your genes” game.

Nowadays, the more sterile women you have sex with, the higher the chances you’ll run into one nasty bug that may stick around with you for the rest of your life.

Daily Mail:

People with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are using Reddit to try and get diagnosed without having to see a doctor, scientists have warned.

A study found thousands of posts have been submitted to the social media site by people worried about their sexual health.

Many include graphic close-up photos of their genitals, while others give detailed accounts of their sexual history.

The forum studied in the research – r/STD – has more than 10,000 regular visitors and even has ‘trusted contributors’ who can comment on people’s posts without showing any clear medical credentials.

Experts warn these forums may distract people from going to see a real doctor or lead to wrong or delayed diagnoses, putting their future partners at risk.

A team of researchers led by the University of California, San Diego, analysed a total of 16,979 posts on the STD forum between 2010 and February 2019.

It has become substantially more popular over the past eight years, with the number of monthly posts rising from fewer than a dozen to up to 500.

The scientists found 58 per cent of all the posts were from people asking for a ‘crowd-diagnosis’.

And almost a third (31 per cent) contained a photograph of the reported symptoms. Some 79 per cent of posts received a reply within a day of of being submitted.

Among post titles at the top of the page today were ‘What is wrong with my penis?’; ‘Is the dermatologist wrong?’ and ‘Is this herpes?’.

Many are accompanied by photographs claiming to be of the posters’ genitals, with some showing obvious signs of sexually transmitted skin infections.

Writing in their paper the researchers, led by Dr John Ayers, said: ‘Although crowd-diagnoses have the benefits of relative anonymity, rapid response, and multiple opinions, the underlying accuracy of crowd-diagnoses is unknown…

‘Responders may be operating with limited information about the patient, and responders may lack medical training.

‘Misdiagnosis could allow ongoing disease transmission, and others viewing a post may wrongly self-diagnose their own conditions.’

Experts at British sexual health charity the Terrence Higgins Trust said online advice was useful but not a substitute for real medical help.

And people should not choose to go online out of embarrassment, they added.

Clinical director at the charity, Liz Porter, told MailOnline: ‘The staff [at sexual health services] are all trained professionals who provide a non-judgmental service.

‘I’ve worked in sexual health for years and I can assure you we’ve seen it all before.

‘The internet has been brilliant for making health information more accessible… but for correctly diagnosing STIs the internet is no substitute for a trained professional who can give a proper diagnosis and proper treatment.

Rates of some STIs are soaring – including syphilis and gonorrhoea – and successful treatment is vital for stopping the spread, which is why it’s important to get that diagnosis as quickly as possible.’

It is insane what these men are putting themselves through in their Quest For Goo.

They are risking their health for goo.

If you don’t have unprotected sex with a fertile and healthy woman, in the best case scenario, the reward is nothing but goo.

Worst case scenario…

Ask yourself “what am I getting out of this other than goo?

It’s insane that some men even have the nerve to try to shame other men for not having sterile sex with random goo dispensers.

Congratulations: your pelvis, hand, and penis are covered in goo. Now what? Was it worth it?

“But I still have more goo for you…”

You know what that saying “a key that can open many locks is called a master key, but a lock that can be opened by many keys is a shitty lock” looks like with modern, sterile women?

So much for a “master” key.