Tennessee: New Law Makes It Slightly Harder for Homos to Molest Young Boys

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
January 26, 2020

This is the face homos make at the adoption agencies, as they wait to pick the young boys they’ll bring home.

Homos are people who are completely selfish, sacrificing their health, their reputation, their families and their future in order to maximize their immediate pleasure and ensure a completely hedonistic lifestyle.

As such, it would be insane to believe that such people could possibly be interested in seriously raising a child in good faith.

Naturally, the only reason they are interested in adopting children is to fulfill their perverted desires.

All homo adoption should be banned. Unfortunately, this is America, and it’s also the current year. So that ain’t happening.

Instead, we have some timid half measures being implemented.

ABC News:

Tennessee has become the latest state to assure continued taxpayer funding of faith-based foster care and adoption agencies even if those organizations exclude LGBT families and others based on religious beliefs.

Republican Gov. Bill Lee signed the bill Friday without fanfare or an official announcement, making it the first law to be implemented in Tennessee this year.

Previously, Lee said he endorsed the law because he believed defending religious liberty “is very important.” The Republican has often cited his Christian faith throughout his first term as governor.

However, under the new law, current adoption practices in Tennessee aren’t expected to change. Some faith-based agencies had already not allowed gay couples to adopt. But the measure now provides legal protections to agencies that do so.

So basically, parents are allowed to choose to give their babies to Christian adoption agencies if they would prefer their offspring not be raped by the gays.

It’s an optional “opt-out” program for child molestation.

Used to be, the only opt-out program for child rape was not following strangers into their vans.

Unfortunately, only the parents may make use of this opt-out program – the children don’t also get to have a say on whether they want to be raped by homos or not.

Moreover, the parents aren’t told explicitly that if they give their children to non-Christian adoption agencies, they will be raped by homos. So some less informed parents could make the wrong choice by mistake.

So as a government program, this is full of loopholes.

Those protections have sparked criticism from the American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee, which has raised legal concerns surrounding the proposal because it authorized the use of a “religious test to participate in a government program.”

The Campaign for Southern Equality issued a statement asking Lee to “deeply and prayerfully consider the damage and harm of this bill, which could do a colossal disservice to the many children in Tennessee waiting to be adopted by safe and loving families.”

It’ll do a colossal disservice to all of the many children waiting to be raped by homos, you mean.

A handful of states to date have enacted similar legislation including Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, South Dakota, North Dakota, Virginia, Mississippi and Michigan. But Michigan agreed in settling an ACLU lawsuit to no longer turn away LGBT couples or individuals because of religious objections.

Earlier this month, state Sen. Paul Rose — the bill’s sponsor — conceded during a floor debate that he didn’t think the bill was necessary, pointing out that President Donald Trump’s administration is currently proposing a rule that would impose the same protections. Yet he said he advanced the idea because there was no guarantee Trump would be reelected later this year.

Even such a mild bill is faced with overwhelming opposition by homo activists.

These people can’t bear even the thought that some young boys will be able to elude their filthy hands. They won’t be satisfied until they can rape any boy they like with total impunity.

If they get their way, no boy will be safe.

As if anyone would accept it!

At least for a little while, there’s a few boys in Tennessee who will remain safe.