Tennessee: Brown and Black Mob Stops ICE From Removing Illegal Father and Son, Helps Them Escape

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
July 23, 2019

This is what they’ve done to your America.

We’re living in the era of brown mob rule.

Daily Mail:

A group of neighbors and activist in Tennessee formed a human chain Monday to block Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents from arresting a 12-year-old boy and his father.

Cellphone video captured the controversial moment that friends and activists joined hands to foil the enforcement agents and allow the father and son to escape into their Forest Ridge home in Nashville, Tennessee’s Hermitage neighborhood.

Witnesses said the man and his son, who have not been named, had just pulled into their driveway around 8am Monday, when the ICE officers pulled up behind them.

The immigration officers reportedly had tried to pull the suspected undocumented immigrants over, but the father and son drove back to their home before parking.

A four-hour stand-off ensued as the man and son refused to get out of their van, while the agents allegedly threatened and even offered to pay them to get out.

You’ll have to exit eventually,’ an agent reportedly said.

Neighbors told the Tennesseean the ICE agents were driving an unmarked pickup truck that had been seen patrolling the neighborhood for about two weeks.

‘They were saying, “if you don’t come out, we’re going to arrest you, we’re going to arrest your 12-year-old son,” local attorney Daniel Ayoadeyoon told WFTF. ‘That’s just not legal, it’s not the right law.’

Several neighbors and activists started live-streaming the scene on social media while calling for others to aid the suspected undocumented man and his son.

Yeah, “suspected” undocumented, not confirmed, because legal citizens do refuse to comply with ICE because of principles and values.

Allowing this kind of thing weakens America. It doesn’t matter if it is legal or not — our laws are Talmudic anyways. What matters is that it is an insulting attack on common sense and on the sovereignty of the rightful people of this land.

One of the last things that you want is for browns and blacks to believe that they can successfully and non-violently oppose EVIL WHITE NAZIS by linking their arms and singing cringey “peace” songs.

The diverse-skinned are not only taking advantage of our laws and raping our borders, but they’re also bending our laws.

The mass media has created a social environment where it’s acceptable for browns and blacks to be above the law and above criticism.

If we want to prevent America from becoming another one of the hellholes these creatures come from, we have to stop these creatures from expressing themselves.

After all, them being allowed to do what they do is the reason their countries are as terrible as they are.

No matter how many brainwashed traitorous whites defend these apes, common sense should prevail.