Tell the Dallas Morning News That Azzmador Deserves to be 2017’s Texan of the Year

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
December 28, 2017

Azzmador had an epic run in 2017. It is a travesty that he was not even nominated for 2017’s Texan of the Year award. We must correct this mistake!

I just finished reading Anglin’s article about Richard Spencer’s nomination for 2017’s Texan of the Year. Out of all the people nominated by the Dallas Morning News, I guess Spencer was the best choice. However, I maintain that this has been a flawed nomination process. There is nobody more deserving of this award than my friend Azzmador.

First off, it is a known fact that you are not a real Texan unless you hate Jews. Azzmador is by far the most notorious Jew-hater in all of Texas. That alone makes him worthy of a nomination.

And beyond that, Azzmador had a really great 2017.

This past June, Azzmador BTFO’d a group of cucked 3 percenters and OafQueefers.

And right after that he dealt with the lying Jew press!

This past August in Charlottesville, Azzmador started the famous “Jews will not replace us” chant at the torchlight march. He was also featured in Vice’s documentary on the Unite the Right rally where he calls out Jewish Communists and criminal niggers for shutting down the event.

He even recorded the now historic post Unite the Right rally podcast which I was honored to be a small part of.

And if that wasn’t enough, he helped lead a raid on a workshop run by Communist faggots that openly advocated punching Nazis.

Based on these impressive accomplishments, I find it disturbing that the Dallas Morning News has not nominated Azzmador for this award. In fact, they should just call off the nomination process and immediately make Azzmador 2017’s Texan of the Year.

Unfortunately, they seem to be under the misconception that Texans want someone who likes Jews to be Texan of the Year. We know for a fact that this is not true. Texans don’t want their Texan of the Year to be someone who likes Jews, Texans want a man who will annihilate Jews! And Azzmador is that man!

Tell the Dallas Morning News this and demand that Azzmador be made 2017’s Texan of the Year!

Fill out this form and contact them. I did!

Here’s the number to their editorial board.


And the number for reader comments.


And their email for feedback.

This is important. We must hold the Dallas Morning News accountable for their extremely poor judgment.