Teens are Sexting More Than Ever Despite It Being Illegal

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Thousands of years later, we are finding out just how right he was.

Wall Street Journal:

Lauren Anjema was in sixth grade the first time a boy asked her to send him a nude photo of herself. “It was a ‘If you love me you’ll send me this’ kind of thing,” said Ms. Anjema, now 18.

As social isolation and device usage soared during the pandemic, digital-media experts say the sharing of nude selfies and other sexually explicit messages among teens and tweens has only gotten worse.

Bark, an online safety service that parents and schools can pay to monitor kids’ devices, found the average daily volume of children’s text messages that included sexual content is up approximately 37% from pre-pandemic levels, from 0.51% of all activities in July 2019 to 0.7% in May 2021.

A 2018 meta-analysis on sexting—the act of sending nude photos, videos or sexual messages—published in JAMA Pediatrics found that 1 in 7 adolescents have sent sexts, 1 in 4 have received sexts and 1 in 8 have forwarded sexts without the consent of the person in the photo. Several teens I interviewed said sharing nudes has become a prerequisite for dating, with girls feeling pressured to send photos.

Yes, surely the girls are the victims here.

Who else?

The ramifications of requesting, sharing and possessing nude photos of minors can range from reputational damage to criminal prosecution. It’s illegal in many states for teens to have such photos on their phone, even if the exchange was consensual.

A study published in 2019 found that more than three times as many girls as boys felt pressured to send a sext, and that twice as many girls as boys had been asked to send a sext. Sheri Madigan, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Calgary and an author of the 2018 meta-analysis, conducted an as-yet-unpublished update that found a shift to girls receiving more sexts than boys.

This raises a question of consent, said Dr. Madigan. Are girls increasingly receiving unwanted sexts from boys?

“A guy will send their picture and say, ‘Your turn,’ but you didn’t ask for it,” said Ms. Anjema, of Ontario, Canada. She said she continued to receive regular requests for nudes from male classmates as well as from strangers on social media throughout middle school, high school and into college. “Girls never ask for nude photos of guys. It’s always unsolicited,” she said.

Sexting can also have a long-term impact on teens’ developing sense of self-worth and view of what constitutes a healthy relationship. Vivie Myrick, a 17-year-old singer and social-media influencer from Marion, Ark., said she has been asked for nudes at least once a week since she was 14. Sometimes it’s boys she knows, and sometimes it’s strangers who follow her on TikTok.

“Most of the time they’ll just DM me and say, ‘Nudes?’” she said. “For me it’s been super harmful—and I’m someone who can stand up and say I’m not doing that. Most girls assume boys only want them for their body. It’s made me more insecure. Every time I’m asked, I go, ‘So this is how every guy looks at me?’”

Her advice to other girls: “Stop giving attention to guys who ask for that. Block them. Think about who could see the photos,” she said. “You do not want your dad to see your nudes.”

It is truly amazing that we are still doing “victimized teenage girls because boys only care about their bodies” in 2021, with a 100% divorce rate and an 85% incel rate.

These girls are lying.

They are not sexually exploited for their bodies, they use their bodies to sexually exploit men.

If there was a rule that said “no nudes allowed,” boys would follow that rule. Girls would not, because they want to send these images to manipulate boys.

Furthermore, they don’t care if the boys spread them around and it becomes a scandal – in fact, they create scandals like that on purpose, because they love drama, and they love being the center of attention.

The solution to the nude pic plague is to ban girls from having phones, period.

Whose idea was it to give them phones in the first place?

Was it the Jews? 

All these sluts should get charged with the full weight of “production and distribution of child pornography” laws and be sent to prison until they’re too old for anyone to care about their nudes.