Teenage Woman Who Accused 12 Israelis of Rape Says She Heard Voices in Her Head After the Rape Ritual

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
November 2, 2019

The alleged rapists’ alleged victim

Earlier this year, a British teenager accused 12 Israelis of raping her in Cyprus. A video of her having sex with them later surfaced, and the accusation kind of backfired on her.

Now more details have emerged about the case.

Daily Mail:

A British woman accused of making up a gang rape allegation in Cyprus suffered from hallucinations and heard voices in her head after the alleged attack by 12 Israeli men, a court heard.

The 19-year-old hadn’t slept in three days and was already suffering from PTSD that was further aggravated after the alleged sexual assault when she retracted her original allegation.

A consultant clinical psychologist told a court in Larnaca that during a phone conversation with the woman she sounded ‘stressed, scared and didn’t know what to do’.

Dr Christine Tizzard said the woman was already on medication for depression caused by an accident with her horse several years ago.

She said the accident led to the woman suffering from post traumatic disorder and the alleged rape at a budget hotel in the resort of Ayia Napa led to her condition worsening.

Although hearing voices in her head and hallucinating sound like things that would happen to her if she was indeed a victim of some kind of Jewish rape ritual, it is also a possible consequence of just having normal, consenting sex with them.

Jews have a history of doing all kinds of evil, weird stuff.

Sex isn’t just an exchange of fluids. There’s an important energetic component to it.

Having sex with creatures of darkness can call on more darkness.

Having sex in general can call on whatever the other person’s been dragging around their psyche.

Jews are satanic demon-worshipers, so it is likely that Israeli males aren’t the only creatures that “participated” in the incident.

Something may have stuck around.

The woman – who Mail Online has chosen not to name – is on trial for allegedly making up the allegation that she was gang raped last July.

A group of Israeli men aged from 15-22 were initially arrested but later released after the woman retracted her statement.

She is facing a single charge of public mischief and could be jailed for up to a year.

The pressure group Justice Abroad have taken up her case and arranged for her to be examined via Skype by Dr Tizzard.

Dr Tizzard addressed the court via a video conference with the case moved from a district court in Famagusta to Larnaca to accommodate the evidence.

Defence lawyer Ritsa Pekri suggested to Dr Tizzard that if the woman was suffering from PTSD she could have given a statement to the police in which she admitted that she lied that she had been raped by the Israelis.

At an earlier hearing prosecutors had suggested the woman had been the victim of a previous serious sexual assault.

Asked if the 19-year-old had told the her that she had been raped by a relative at the age of 14, Dr Tizzard replied : ‘I can’t remember if she told me. The treatment focused on the subject of the accident with her horse. ‘

She added the woman was ‘constantly in a state of hyper stimulation, confused and because of the post-traumatic stress and medication she received, it was difficult to remember the facts.’

The prosecutor suggested that the 19 year old was not suffering from PTSD and that the psychologist had violated all protocols in diagnosing her via interviews by Skype.

Dr Tizzard rejected the claim and added: ‘My diagnosis is based on widely accepted criteria, is correct and is still correct.

I am a professional, I have a reputation in Britain and I swore to tell the truth. ‘

The takeaway here is that you should be careful who you choose to get intimate with.

There are things crawling beneath the surface of reality.

Sex is not a mechanical transaction.

If you open a door, make sure you’re ready to welcome or fight whatever comes in.