Teenage Girl had Abortion After Cologne NYE Rape

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 19, 2016


The Moslem rape crisis is not simply Arabian horniness. This is a conquest strategy.

They are spreading their genes for the purpose of creating a new generation of mixed-race people who will side with them.

They have done this everywhere they’ve gone throughout history. It isn’t something new.

No one should be shocked.

Daily Mail:

An 18-year-old had an abortion after she was raped in the mass sexual frenzy at Cologne train station on New Year’s Eve.

She was thrown around a group of men before eventually falling on the floor, where she was raped alongside another girl.

They are the first cases of forced sexual intercourse reported on the night where more than 1,200 sexual assaults were reported across Germany by marauding gangs of immigrant men.

Dozens of witnesses have been questioned and thousands of documents examined, and in the latest round of cross examination Frauke Mahr, 63, who is the manager of the Project for Girls in Cologne revealed that the young woman had ended up pregnant after being raped in front of the main train station.

She told the investigators: ‘She was separated from her girlfriend, and ended up being shoved from one man to another. She was then thrown to the floor and raped.

‘She told me that a few metres away she saw another girl lying on the ground, also being raped.

‘She had tried to signal to the other girl that she should close her eyes, but the man then grabbed her own head and forced her to look at him.’

Her ordeal ended when a policeman pulled the man away and she ran home in a panic.

Out of shame at what happened she decided not to report the rape to police, and had never raised the matter, but did visit the hospital.

When she was told there that she was pregnant, an abortion was arranged, but she admitted she was not 100 percent sure if her attacker was the father of the unborn child.

Note that no one is being punished for this rape.

Less than ten of the some 1500 rapists were arrested after the New Year’s attacks and none of them are going to serve jail time.

It would be wrong to put them in jail for rape – because of the Crusades.