Teenage and Even Child THOTs Are Patrolling Themselves HARDCORE

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 11, 2019

Guess what the above 15-year-old has in common with the following two girls.

They all killed themselves recently lol.

Let’s start with the story of the less hideous one.

Daily Mail:

A 15-year-old girl with anorexia who was found hanged in her bedroom told her family she would ‘rather die than eat’, an inquest heard.

What did she mean by that? Not eating eventually results in death.

Ellie Long, of Wymondham, Norfolk, had been struggling with a ‘low mood’ for two years and had previously written a suicide note, a coroner was told.

Her family said she had been ‘failed by everyone’ after struggling to get help from health and social services for her eating disorder – including being given a double dose of anti-depressants Prozac by doctors who had not even seen her in person.

Her family failed her. Why would they let her take anti-depressants prescribed by doctors that hadn’t even seen her?

According to the Eastern Daily Press, Ellie was flushing her breakfast down the toilet and throwing her lunch away at school, and her mother was so concerned by her weight she tried to increase her calorie intake by pouring full fat milk into semi-skimmed containers and flattening thick-cut bread with a rolling pin.

What an evil sack of shit, man.

Her daughter was obviously trying to escape the fatty destiny that awaited her because she failed as a mother and as a human being.

Just look at this creature.

Her daughter literally told her she’d rather die than look like her.

The paper reported Ellie refused to comply with eating plans of at least 600 calories a day because she ‘felt like she was stuffing her face’ and thought doctors were ‘patronising’.

Imagine being a dumb young front-hole trying to stay slim and having obese atrocities all around you constantly telling you you have to eat.

The girl was out of options.

The day before she died, Mrs Long found Ellie distraught and talking about wanting to end her life, but when she called the emergency services she was told to take her to a walk-in centre.

See what I mean? Her mother and her family failed her.

After having breakfast the next day, Ellie told her mother she was going to her room to play on her computer, but was found hanging 30 minutes later.

Okay maybe not 200% but that’s pretty brutal for front-hole standards.

She was taken to hospital by ambulance, which initially went to the wrong house, but died two days later.

lol wtf man

Doctors that prescribe drugs without even seeing the patient, parents that ignore their kids telling them they’ll kill themselves, and ambulances going to the wrong houses.

In just one story.

Is there any competent person left in England?

Dr Kiran Chitale, who prescribed the antidepressants, said she was unaware of ‘key information’ around Ellie’s history including the suicide note and ‘would have kept more of an eye on her’ if she had.

More incompetence.

The inquest also heard the family psychotherapist admitted that all her notes were not uploaded to the trust’s record system.

Even more incompetence.

Goodbye, front-hole. You could have made 15 or so white babies, but your mother was a monstrosity and you couldn’t figure out on your own a way to avoid turning into her. It wasn’t your fault, you’re just a baby-factory.


Now check out the story of the gremlin duo.

Daily Mail:

The heartbroken parents of two 11-year-old best friends, who committed suicide within months of each other, believe that the girls were bullied by their classmates because they were questioning their sexuality and called each other ‘girlfriend’.

Take a look at their parents and you’ll understand.

Madissen Foxx Paulsen shot herself with her dad’s gun in December 2017 at her home in Devil’s Lake, North Dakota. 

Two months later, her best friend Sophia Leaf-Abrahamson was found hanged at her home in St Michael on the Spirit Lake Reservation.

Angela Leaf, 33, and Shane Paulsen, 46, spoke together for the first time exclusively to DailyMailTV about their devastating loss.

The distraught parents said they only became aware the sixth-graders were being bullied at Central Middle School in Devil’s Lake after their deaths.


Shane, who is originally from Portland, Oregon, said: ‘I didn’t know there was a problem until I woke up to a gunshot on December 2.

I thought I had a healthy, happy child. Madissen was excellent in school, As and Bs. She won the American Citizenship Award.

‘I don’t have other children, I’m a single father. We lost Madissen’s mom Ravanah to heroin addiction.

‘I’m trying to work through where it went wrong. I still live in the same apartment where she killed herself so I don’t go home often.

‘Madissen was everything. She was happy. I saw it, I know she was.’

Yes, man. She was very happy.

The girls met in fifth grade and became inseparable. Shane said: ‘Sophia stayed the night a few times and the kids had a good time. We’d go to the movies and Burger King.

They spent a lot of time doing their art, they were making a comic book together.

They were both super colorful. They liked to dye their hair, electric blue and pink.

Angela added: ‘They followed each other. When Sophia cut her hair, shortly after that Madissen did too.’

They were most likely writing some passage from the Book of the Dead while possessed by evil entities.

Author: Madissen.

But whatever man, if “comic” makes you feel better….

Angela said: ‘Sophia asked if she could talk to me. I told her she could talk to me about anything, to never be scared to talk to me.

She blurted out, ”I think I like girls.” I told her it was okay.

‘She asked if I was ”grossed out” and I told her I would be a big hypocrite [if I did] because my sister is my best friend and she’s bisexual. I told her there’s no way I’m going to judge her because she’s my daughter.

Shane said: ‘Madissen, Sophia and I were in a Burger King and my daughter points at Sophia and says, ”This is my girlfriend and there’s nothing you can do about it dad.”

‘I joked with them, ”Well, you guys aren’t sleeping in the same room tonight.”

‘They were 11, how do they even know what love is yet? They were best friends.

Angela said: ‘Sophia never mentioned anything. I told her, if somebody’s saying something to you, let me know, we’ll get to the bottom of it. I thought that communication was open between us.

She got As and Bs and then all of a sudden during that year, her grades started dropping.’

In the weeks before Madissen’s death, Shane said that she was moody but put it down to her ‘turning into a teenager’.

Sounds like deadites.

Nothing you can do for them at that point. They’re already possessed.

On December 1, 2017, Shane returned home from a week on the road. He had bought a handgun the week prior after an increase in shootings at truck stops.

The father said: ‘I didn’t leave the gun in my truck because I didn’t want anybody getting a hold of it. I put it in the locker in my living room and locked it up.

‘I chatted to my daughter while she was on her laptop. I went into the living room, was watching TV with a beer and fell asleep.

I woke up to the gunshot at seven o’clock in the morning. Madissen knew where my keys hung. I had taught her to shoot at an early age, going to the gun range had been a lot of fun for us. She knew how to work the gun and snuck it out while I was asleep.

‘That’s a burden I’m going to bear forever. I’ll never own another gun and I smashed that one to pieces.

Yes, Shane, the gun killed your daughter. Bad gun! Bad, bad gun!

‘My mother opened Madissen’s bedroom door and I was right behind her. The smell of gun smoke hit me as soon as I crossed the threshold. I knelt down and grabbed Madissen’s arm. She was still warm but she was dead. I can’t get rid of the smell of warm blood in there.’

Shane continued: ‘I called 911 and told them my daughter committed suicide and the operator asked if we needed paramedics. I said, she’s dead, send everybody.

‘I was in shock. They took me down to the police station. I don’t remember how long I was there.

‘When I came home, her body was gone. The bedroom was scrubbed clean, the carpet removed and replaced by my close friend. I kept saying, ”How did you do all this in an hour?” They kept telling me, you were down there for nine hours.

‘All that was missing was my daughter and the TV. The bullet went through her head and into the TV.’

Two days after Madissen’s death, Shane was horrified to learn that she had attempted suicide before.

Two six-year-old boys knocked on the door and asked me about her death. One said that two weeks earlier she had tried to hang herself in a closet.

It dawned on me that I had seen bruises on her neck but I suspected it was a hickey and said, ”That better not be a hickey, you’re too young.”

See how the “incompetence counter” keeps increasing?

Shane’s devastating loss was compounded by the fact that the local funeral home then buried his daughter without him.

They interred my daughter when I was at work. They didn’t call me so I missed the part where they put her into the ground. They invited people that weren’t even family. When I asked why I wasn’t notified, the man on the phone said that I wasn’t on the list.

Shane said the pain of not being present at his daughter’s burial almost drove him to take his own life.

And it keeps increasing.

Angela said that she broke the news to Sophia that Madissen had died and the family kept a watchful eye over her as she dealt with her grief.

‘I didn’t want her finding out from anybody else so I held her and told her Madissen had passed away. She broke down.

‘She took Madissen’s death hard. She would cry for days. She wouldn’t go to school because she was afraid what people would say and didn’t want to realize that Madissen wasn’t there anymore.

Sophia began seeing a school counselor to help deal with her loss Angela said: ‘Sophia was diagnosed with Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder.

‘Some days we felt like we were walking on egg shells because anything would leave her mad or crying.’

DMDD is a childhood condition of extreme irritability, anger and intense temper outbursts. It is usually treated with medication and therapy. Sophia also began seeing a psychiatrist.

Angela said: ‘In one session, when Madissen’s name was brought up, Sophia went blank. She wouldn’t say anything, it’s like she wasn’t there.’

I’m telling you, man. The girls were possessed.

Angela said that neither the psychiatrist nor school counselors were concerned that the 11-year-old was suicidal.


On February 19, Angela was getting ready for a nightshift at work and left Sophia and her brother Riley, eight, with her mom Rita, 62, and her brother Steven, 39.

‘She was on the computer, laughing, watching YouTube. I gave her a big hug and said I love you. She said it back.’

Later that night, Angela heard the harrowing 911 call that Steve made after he went into the basement and found Sophia hanged.

These miniature THOTs are not hesitating.

When you put together the girls’ behavior and the absolute incompetence that surrounded them, you have to try really hard to avoid thinking about whatever entities might have had a play in their demise.