Ted Nugent Gets It.

These two clips of Sweaty Teddy talking about the vax are some of the funniest short clips I’ve ever seen in my life.

Ted mocks the vaxed and then the interviewer says “so all these millions of people that got the vax, they’re just stupid?”


So perfect.

God bless him.

He also points out that it is not even actually a “vaccine.”

The clips were so perfect that I assumed they were just staged as 30-second clips for TikTok, but they are from a full 30-minute interview.

I haven’t watched it.

In general, I’ve always respected Ted. He seems to say what he believes, and not be bothered by associating with Alex Jones or whatever. He always went on Alex’s show regularly.

I’ve also always respected his loyalty to the Midwest. He’s from Michigan, I’m from Ohio. Someday, after the fall, we’re going to form our own Republic – from Eastern Pennsylvania to Western Indiana, and from the UP to Lexington.

But yeah, I’ve thought he was boomerish. No, I didn’t think that. He for sure was. Boomerism is a terminal disease, of course. But what’s neat is that it doesn’t matter anymore: the only thing that matters is the vax. There is no need to even talk about any other disagreement on anything, the only question that matters now is: are you vaxed?

I watched an interview Ted did recently (I think the same day as the above interview, because he’s wearing the same shirt) on Newsmax.

The host, Eric Bolling (who apparently got kicked off of Fox? Sexual harassment?) starts talking about Afghanistan, and Teddy just skips right past talking about that bullshit nonsense and goes into immigration.

So it’s possible that there is a rising global consciousness, and that boomers are finally getting activated, and the dumb things they believe are melting away and leaving only the truths remaining.

But again: it doesn’t matter. Any boomer who is on point on the vax is on point. No other issue matters and no other issue can matter until the government collapses and we are finally out from underneath the boot of this vax. Until that point, the only question that matters is: “are you vaxed?”

If the answer is “no,” then we’re on the same team.

If the answer is “yes,” then I don’t care how redpilled you are on the history of the Third Reich or race and IQ – we’re enemies.

The only exception to this rule I can even fathom is members of the overlord class who aren’t vaxed themselves but are forcing it on others.

As far as someone who is vaxed and now regrets it? Good luck to you, but I’ve no interest in having anything to do with you.

There are only two types on this earth: the purebloods and the tainted.

I am a pureblood. Above all else, the defining aspect of my being is purebloodedness. Anything else is a far second.

As far as any racist readers who want to come at me with: “so you’d rather fight alongside an unvaxed nigger than a vaxed pure Bavarian phenotype Aryan?”

My answer is the same as Ted’s: “yep.”