Ted Cruz is an Irredeemable Scumbag and an Otherworldly Demon Creature

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 30, 2020

Look at that face. Does that look like a human being to you? Or does it look like a satanic creature from another dimension wearing a skinsuit?
There’s no way you’re going to convince me this is a human.
The sunglasses and beard help, but only so far as they cover his face. He might as well just wear a Phantom of the Opera mask and claim to be a burn victim.

Everyone knows that Ted Cruz is not hip to modern Twitter language. He probably doesn’t watch anything other than snuff films and David Carradine kung-fu workout tapes while choking himself and masturbating.

But we get this tweet:

And the Republican media goes crazy about how clever and cute old Teddie Boy is.

Well, he has people that he pays to make him look cute on the internet, because he is that much of a fake and a weirdo with no ability to pretend he is a human from earth.

Ted Cruz using an escalator in a way that is perfectly normal for humans. You always grab both railings to ensure that your skin doesn’t slip off.

Ted is in quarantine for the Coronavirus, hence the joke about how he is bored and watching Netflix.

Although we’re all quarantined now, aren’t we?

I have an idea for a screenplay for a film called “Double Ted Vision” that is about a second version of Ted Cruz coming in from the dimension of evil the first one is also from and trying to usurp him.

This is what Democracy is: “Sure, I can visually see with my eyes that Ted Cruz is an evil otherworldly skinwalker, but he posted a cute tweet I like.” People are this stupid and weird.

His entire feed is filled with “hey, I’m just a human, hanging out on earth, doing human stuff like all you other humans.”

It is all posted by someone hired to manage his image. It’s called “relatability,” and it’s a multibillion dollar industry that I myself would be dominating like a teenage Kobe Bryant if I wasn’t being punished by God and forced to write this website with no money explaining the most basic facts of reality in a world where reality is inverted.

I wish I could just have the entire text of the site be “it’s whatever the opposite of what they told you.”

But no.

Every day, I have to get on here and type it all out for 14 hours a day.

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