Ted Cruz: “Democrats are the Real Global Warmers”

Ted Cruz this week made the astonishing statement that the Republicans are working to stop global warming, and the Democrats are hampering that process. The incident gravely highlighted the confusion that is currently overwhelming the American political establishment.

Appearing on Fox News with Maria Barolotomoto, Cruz did not directly state his belief in global warming specifically, but clearly implied that carbon is a “climate” issue, a claim which most people do not believe and which is not supported by evidence. The Texas Senator said this in the context of discussing Joe Biden’s executive orders on “climate change.”

Cruz said: “Maria, do you know what nation, last year, had the single greatest total carbon reduction of any nation on the face of the earth? The answer of course is the United States. And they’re slowing that down.”

As is often mocked, Republicans went from ostensibly being the party of white people to claiming that they were fighting racism, and that the Democrats are secretly racist. Since then, Republicans have gone on to support women and homosexuals. The concept of the Republican Party being the party of normal white Christian families, which are at the core of America, is almost completely gone, and now the Republicans are moving to embrace global warming, a new age religious doctrine disguised as “science.”

With his support for homosexuals and immigrants, he might as well be called “Red Ted.”

Like the Democrats, he is also very hawkish on China, a country Joe Biden’s administration is currently in the process of trying to start some kind of hot war with.

Cruz went on to promote the deranged conspiracy theory that Huawei is not really a telecom company, but a spying company that is planning to spy on average Americans. He did not explain why China would want to spy on average Americans, nor did he, in the course of the ten minute interview, bring up the fact that Joe Biden’s Justice Department has egregiously allowed the FBI to directly purchase private data from American tech companies, effectively turning every American tech company into exactly what he accused Huawei of being.

One should hope it would be obvious that in any situation, you would prefer to be spied on by a foreign country than your own government, given that your own government is going to be much more interested in what you are doing and has an actual capacity to use any information they gather from spying on you against you.

There are a lot of people who are angry at Donald Trump right now, and there are a lot of good reasons to be angry at Donald Trump right now. However, one thing you can say about Trump: he talked about real issues, and he spoke frankly. Other than always making me laugh, which is something with a value that can’t be overstated, I would almost always agree with most of whatever Trump was saying.

I don’t agree with anything that Ted Cruz said during this interview, and much of it was both shocking and confusing.

Politicians know what Americans care about. It’s not some secret. Furthermore, they know they can get away with telling Americans what they want to hear, and then doing something else. They know the media will cover for them. Democrat or Republican, the media will always cover for them when they fail to deliver on a promise they made to the masses of people.

For instance, while he was throwing every single insult he could formulate at Donald Trump, he never touched the fact that Trump had failed to deliver on the “Deportation Force” that was promised in 2016. You didn’t see Cuomo out there saying, “Trump said he was going to get rid of all the immigrants, but I still see little brown people running around everywhere!”

Instead, it was Russia gibberish, and basically just pandering to his own audience. Republicans never have to fear being held accountable for the way they vote.

So why wouldn’t Ted Cruz just go out there and talk about how global warming is a hoax, about how Biden is trying to start a war with China, about how the real spying threat is the Justice Department, which has just created a new rule that says they can read all your private communications and track your movements if they pay for the data?

There’s only one reason, and that’s that he’s not just an incompetent buffoon, but is himself in on an agenda to work with the Democrats to undermine the American people. Either that, or he’s a total moron, and may have some form of paranoid schizophrenia. However, I don’t believe that if he was stupid and/or mentally ill, he would be capable of amassing the amount of power he has amassed, so I believe he must be in on an agenda.

Ted Cruz is considered by many Americans to be the best politician left. That is very scary.

With the loss of Donald Trump, we lost something invaluable, and that is someone who would speak for us. Even if he never managed to do anything for us, on virtually every issue, he would speak for us. (The exception would be Israel, post-election – and on that issue he acted, by refusing to start new wars and trying to end the old ones.)

Now, we’re all alone.

The sooner we realize that, the better.