Ted Cruz: “Democrats are the Real Child-Cagers”

The Democrats are hypocrites, and it is fair enough for right-wing politicians and pundits to point out that they don’t follow the moral code they claim to follow. However, there is a difference between pointing out that the left doesn’t really follow its own morals, and embracing the morals of the left.

Ted Cruz is someone who consistently crosses the line from pointing out Democrat hypocrisy and embracing Democrat morality.

Earlier this year, Cruz pointed out that the Biden Administration’s decision to shut down the Keystone Pipeline would actually increase carbon emissions, given that all of the oil we use now has to be shipped on boats from the Middle East, instead of piped in from Alaska and Canada. This is true, and it is worth pointing out that they claim to care about lowering carbon emissions, but are willing to increase carbon emissions in order to reinforce a globalist economic order and harm the right-wing agenda for American energy independence.

However, when speaking about what should have been an issue of leftwing hypocrisy and lies, Cruz actually embraced the global warming narrative, and argued that “Democrats are the real global warmers.”

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The overwhelming majority of Ted Cruz’ voters do not believe in global warming at all, and believe it is a science hoax invented by the United Nations for the purpose of promoting a global government. That has been the consistent position of the right-wing for decades, and as their predictions of warming apocalypse continue to fail to materialize, the evidence that global warming is a hoax continues to pile up.

Cruz deciding to embrace the belief in global warming in order to enhance a gotcha is truly a despicable move, and demonstrates a total lack of character characteristic of Republican politicians and pundits.

This same thing happened with Republicans embracing the “racism” narrative, then claiming that Democrats were actually the racists, and embracing the homosexuality narrative, and claiming that Democrats were the real homophobes. They have also embraced feminism, and bragged about increasing the number of women in Congress.

If you allow your enemies to decide your morality for you, you’ve lost the game. Hence the continual losing that the Republican Party has done over the last 60 years.

Now, Cruz has gone down to the border to film the “children in cages.”

Once again: it is notable that the Democrats and media flipped out over Donald Trump detaining children at the border, and that they now support Joe Biden doing the same thing. This is hypocritical. However, that does not mean that right-wingers care or should care about people who are illegally invading our country having an uncomfortable living situation while in detention.

Once again: Ted Cruz confused the issue, and feigned moral outrage over the containment facility.

He then went on TV and cried about it.

Aside from just being a shill, the reason Cruz is doing this is to enhance the drama of the situation. It’s just a cheap trick. It’s actually disgusting, and it’s retarded.

It makes it so you can’t win. If Ted Cruz is opposed to Biden border policy because he’s concerned about the wellbeing of illegal Mexican invaders, then surely he will agree with Joe Biden that we need to get them out of the detention facility and into hotel rooms, no? Because that’s what Biden is doing, right now. He’s moving these people to hotels.

Ted Cruz has already said that his chief concern here is the safety and comfort of these people coming into our country, so now he just needs to work with Biden to figure out a way to make them more comfortable. If he’s worried about the “dangerous journey” that they go on to get here, well then, he should support Biden’s plan to fly them in straight from Guatemala and El Salvador, and put them on taxis from the airport to their hotel rooms.

Ted Cruz cannot argue that a person is going to be more comfortable living in a shack in El Salvador than they would be living in a tax-payer funded hotel room in America. And again: he’s already said that his chief concern is their comfort, which is why he was so outraged by their uncomfortable situation in the border detention facility. 

It’s just so frustrating, when these politics stop being about ideas and become team sports, and it’s considered a great gotcha to adopt the enemy’s morality in order to get a cheap shot in.

Remember, this thinking led to Donald Trump releasing a bunch of black drug lords out of prison. Before that, it led to waves of legal immigration much more devastating than illegal immigration has ever been, because Republicans said they’re not racist, they just want immigration to be legal.

To this point, the left has never given any right-winger credit for adopting their morality. All they’ve done is used it to up the ante. When Republicans accepted homosexuality, they went to gay marriage. When Republicans accepted gay marriage, they went to trannies and child trannies.

It never ends.

Here’s Fox’s “The Five” segment on Ted Cruz’ border visit, if you want to see more gay bullshit.

Tucker Carlson is in it. How embarrassing.