Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham Stab Trump in the Back

In the latest “back stabbing traitor” news, the perverted freak Ted Cruz and the deranged sicko Lindsey Graham have stabbed Real President Donald Trump in the back.

It is suspected that when Lindsey approached Trump from behind, he had other plans in mind, but Cruz convinced him to plunge the knife.

Dallas News:

Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz have joined some other notable Republicans in saying Democrat Joe Biden should be receiving presidential-level intelligence briefings, even as they continue to stand by President Donald Trump as he challenges the election’s outcome.

The Texans said it comes down to national security.

Biden, the president-elect, has been getting intelligence briefings ever since he became the Democratic presidential nominee. But he hasn’t been receiving the high-level information provided to Trump — and typically offered to an incoming president after an election.

Cornyn told reporters Thursday that whether or not Biden “actually gets the product itself, I think the information needs to be communicated.”

“I don’t see it as a high-risk proposition, and if in fact he does win in the end, I think they need to be able to hit the ground running,” said Cornyn, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee who just won reelection to a fourth term.

Cruz on Thursday offered a similar view.

“I think that’s very reasonable,” he told Dallas talk radio host Mark Davis on 660-AM “The Answer.”

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, agreed.

“I have no problem with that,” he told The Wall Street Journal when asked if Biden should be receiving presidential-level intelligence briefings.

Ditto for Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. “I think so,” he said, per The Journal.

Cruz, on Davis’ radio show, pointed out that the major-party presidential nominees start getting some level of security briefings even before the election.

“Because, for the sake of protecting the country, you want whoever is going to assume that office to be aware of the significant threats,” he said. “Because the first responsibility of any president is to keep the American people safe.”

Allowing the usurper Joe Biden to receive these briefings is effectively saying that he is the president. If Trump succumbs to this pressure from these disgusting people it’s over.

This entire concept – that if Biden doesn’t get intelligence briefings, it’s going to lead to Americans dying – is confusing and stupid.

Joe Biden needs to know about what?

Does he need to know about the movement of rebels in Burkina Faso?

This is obviously just a way out for these Republicans. They want to stand with Trump, but aw shucks, we have to protect the American soldiers that are stationed in 150 countries for some inexplicable reason, and somehow Joe Biden is going to do that by reading reports.

This is a back stab that has been scientifically designed by public relations professionals to sound reasonable to the average American moron who believes that all of these Moslems snuck into America and that federal law enforcement is devoted to fighting them.

The brize of freedom is Joe Biden stealing the election and becoming president through fraud, say Cruz and Graham.

Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham are the kind of people who, if they were your neighbor, you would sell your home and move somewhere else. Somehow, these people are running the Republican Party. We should not be surprised they are backstabbing traitors.