Technology Developed for Smartphones Which Predicts the Information You Need to Know Before You Even Ask It to

Tara Brady
Daily Mail
August 13, 2013

  • Personal assistant apps take information about you by monitoring your internet use
  • They then piece it all together to second guess what you need to know
  • Privacy campaigners say companies are taking choice away from individuals


For anyone who is constantly on the go, it could provide the perfect solution to never missing a meeting and always being on time.

For others, it could be seen as a complete intrusion into your private life.

Companies including Google and Apple have developed technology which will predict the information you need to know before you even ask it to.

Rao Machiraju, who developed the reQuall personal assistant app (RPA), told The Sunday Times that this development will change the way people use their phones.

He said: ‘Instead of having to search for what they need, the device will quietly provide the right information at the right time.’

Google’s latest offering is Google Now which syncs with your emails, calender and maps as well as your social media trends.

It constantly learns things about you so it can predict the information you need to know.

By simply asking it to remind you that you need milk, the next time you step into a supermarket it will let you know.

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