Technology Allows Smartphones to Generate Pictures of Surroundings Using Microphone and Sound Input

Mark Zuckerberg was already putting tape over his computer’s webcam and microphone years ago.

Now he may want to put double tape over the microphone and block the speakers.

Daily Mail:

A smartphone equipped with a new ‘bat-sense’ technology allows the scientists who created it to generate images from sound and gain a sense of their surroundings.

University of Glasgow experts developed a machine-learning algorithm to measure echoes and sounds that can generate images of the immediate environment.

It generates a picture of the shape, size and layout around the device, without enabling any cameras – generating pictures with sound alone.

Researchers say it could help keep buildings intruder-proof without the need for traditional CCTV, track the movements of vulnerable patients in nursing homes, and even track the rise and fall of a patient’s chest to look for changes in breathing.

The tool, similar to a bat using echolocation to hunt and navigate, could be installed potentially on any device with microphone and speakers or radio antennae.

Even if 5G isn’t going to fry people’s brains and give them cancer (it might), it is definitely going to be used in all of these new high-tech spying schemes.

They want to be able to do 3D imaging of the entire world, in real time.

This is the paranoia of the Jews.