Tech Vlogger Confused and Astounded by Black Stupidity

Daily Stormer
December 18, 2016

I knew it would all be non-Whites before the comments even started popping up.

Here’s a pretty lulzy video by a guy who regularly does prank “tutorials.” He can’t believe that no matter how absurd he makes his videos, “some people” still don’t get it and leave dumb comments.

Of course, it’s only a coincidence that all those braindead commenters are Blacks, Arabs and Indians.

The comedy is compounded by the fact that in the prank video, he tells people that if they want free money, they just have to send an email to Barack Obama, and then “wait on their lazy asses” until they receive a check in the mail.

Maybe this concept seems insane to a White man, but for his “diverse” audience, this isn’t too far off from how they actually make a living – hence the confusion.

But don’t worry, White man. Soon, computers will become so simple that even the googles will be able to compete in the tech field.


Then, your pensions will be as good as paid for.