Teacher Under Investigation for Allegedly Asking Students to Write Something Funny Under Pictures of Slaves

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
September 27, 2019

You’re not even supposed to have fun anymore.

Daily Mail:

A New York grandmother took to her social media on Friday to voice her displeasure with her granddaughter’s middle school after a teacher assigned classwork where students were to ‘write something funny’ about slavery.

Darlene McCurty took to her Facebook on Friday and said that her granddaughter – who is in the eighth grade – raised concerns with a class assignment that one of the social studies teachers had handed out.

Sounds like a Daily Stormer assignment: “Look for slavery pictures and add funny captions.”

McCurty shared that the teacher worked at John W. Dodd Middle School in Freeport, New York, but added that her granddaughter was not in the educator’s class.

Shared in the post were images of the assignment, which showed photographs of African American slaves with what appears to be overseers and out on the cotton fields. The assignment asked for students to provide a title and caption to the images and also included cartoons depicting slavery.

McCurty identified the teacher as Shelly Scully, adding that she is a white woman. The concerned grandmother declared that Scully be ‘removed for her blatant insensitivity and racism towards teaching this lesson on slavery’.

Scully was named as one of 16 educators honored by the Freeport Public School district for 20 years of service in 2017. On the school district’s website, she is listed as the lead teacher.

In a statement shared on the district’s website, superintendent Dr. Kishore Kuncham described that the students were to write captions for Reconstruction Era photos.

Kuncham added that the teacher was removed from the classroom while an investigation was being conducted.

The teacher has issued an apology, but the damage is already done. She has already emboldened evil racists everywhere.

Now White Supremacy is spreading all throughout America, thanks to her.

Daily Mail:

A man from Georgia who works for the sheriff’s office was caught on video telling a Spanish-speaking woman to speak English in the middle of a McDonald’s.

Cristina Riofrio, 19, posted disturbing video of the middle-aged man as he screamed at her to ‘shut the f*** up!’ at the fast food restaurant in Savannah.

The man accused the woman of coming ‘over in a f***ing boat’ despite Ecuador being part of of continental South America.

Riofrio told the middle-aged man that he was racist – a title he gladly accepted.

‘I know I am,’ he replied. ‘Yeah, sure am. That’s me. I built this f***ing country.’

Other diners then backed the woman up and told the bigot to leave the joint once he received his food.

‘I wish I could have said a lot of things, but at that time I was really mad and I couldn’t even speak,’ Riofrio said to WSAV.

This is Cristine Riofrio:

“Rio” in Spanish means river, and “frio” means cold, so “Cold River.” Kind of an Indian-sounding name.

‘Actually one of my friends cried at that moment, I felt really bad for her,’ she said. ‘But, I didn’t want him to see us cry, see us as weak, acting weak because we are not.’

‘A lot of people say, “Are you okay, are you afraid?” But I am not, actually,’ Riofrio said. ‘I am never going to stop speaking Spanish in front of white people, like I feel proud of where I am come from.’

But Spanish isn’t even her people’s language though.

Remember the Spanish Empire?

She’s literally speaking the tongue of the evil conquerors.

The racist man was fired from his job, obviously, because now it’s brown people’s turn to invade and change the language and bring science, technology, knowledge, books and beauty to America.

Embrace their richness.