Teacher is Suspended After Casting Two Children of Color as Slaves in School Play

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 30, 2020

You did this.

How are school plays even supposed to tell people that innocent blacks were enslaved by evil whites without making blacks play the slaves? Especially since we know blackface is evil?

Daily Mail:

A teacher has been suspended from a Connecticut school after casting two children of color as slaves in a school play, who would be whipped by other children as part of their role.

Carmen and Joshua Parker, the parents of a fifth-grade biracial 10-year-old girl, are furious that their youngster was cast as a slave in a school play at West Woods Elementary School in Hamden.

Maybe the parents expected their kid to do whiteface and play an evil white person enslaving the poor blacks? But that still doesn’t answer the critical question here: who should play the black slaves?

‘I was trying to make sense of the whipping of the children, the children were going to be whipping the slaves ,’ said Joshua Parker, the girl’s father.

The girl’s mother, Dr Carmen Parker, added: ‘The scene starts with nameless slaves one and two getting pushed towards the ship by the slave owner and a child is acting as the slave owner.’

The teacher involved was suspended from the school in light of their complaint but the couple feel it’s not enough.

That’s right.

The teacher should be punished even more for committing the grave crime of thinking that having colored kids play colored slaves was a good idea.

From now on, colored kids should play the evil slavers and white kids should play the slaves.

It’s just common sense.

That will empower people of color.

After the discovery that their 10-year-old had been cast as one of the slaves, they took the issue to the school principal. They said all the help he gave was a four-minute phone conversation.

The other child cast in the similar role was also a child of color, according to Dr Parker.

The principal should also be punished for not taking the issue of black kids playing black slaves in a school play seriously.

Blacks playing blacks in movies and TV series is also problematic.

Blacks should play whites.

We should just go ahead and invert the portrayal of history.

Whites were actually black all along.

Except for that one time they enslaved the Jews.

That time, they were literally white.