Teacher Defends Drag Queen at School, Says Parents Don’t Know What’s Best for Their Kids

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
November 20, 2019

Just the kind of creature that should be in a classroom with kids, apparently.

Public schools have lots of degenerates in charge of children.

Here’s an example of what’s going through the minds of some of these freaks.


A teacher reportedly defended the presence of a drag queen during a high school class with a Facebook post in which he asserted the parents who objected are “bigoted” and “should not have the final say” in raising their own children.

English teacher Anthony Lane, of Willis Independent School District (WISD) High School in Texas, reportedly removed his Facebook post in which he defended another teacher’s decision to host a drag queen in the high school’s cosmetology class to offer makeup tips. Lane sharply criticized parents who complained about the drag queen’s presence without their knowledge.

Faithwire posted a screenshot of Lane’s post before it was allegedly removed.


Dale Inman, a Conroe Independent School District (CISD) trustee who has three daughters who attend Willis High School, said a parent contacted him with concerns after the drag queen event and he decided to find out more about it.

“I put numerous calls into the administrator’s office, which of course they made it abundantly clear they will not talk about it,” Inman said, according to Community Impact. “I’ve got a problem when somebody with a false name enters a school and has advertised himself as an adult exotic dancer for men … Nobody would be allowed in a school under those circumstances.”

The local news report noted several Facebook screenshots showing the drag queen makeup event was listed on the high school’s monthly calendar.

Inman observed Adonis-Deveaux is not a licensed cosmetologist.

As a parent, I have a right to know who’s in that school building,” Inman said.

The controversy over the drag queen’s presence in the school intensified when Lane reportedly posted his criticism of parents expressing concern about the event to Facebook.

There are three main points that the teacher makes:

  1. Raising kids is the responsibility of the community
  2. Teachers make a promise to prepare children to live in a diverse world
  3. The public education system is not here to serve parents’ “archaic” beliefs

It is obvious from the get-go that this Anthony Lane teacher doesn’t believe that kids belong to their parents. He sees kids as some kind of community property and puts the authority of the government (through the public education system) above that of parents.

This is problematic in a number of ways.

“Raising a child is the responsibility of the community.”

Aside from his obvious “destruction of the family” endorsement, aren’t governments supposed to be made by people for the benefit of people? If the government overrides the will of the people (parents) and protects the will of a tiny minority of degenerates (drag queens), then how does that behavior fit with democracy, which is supposed to be about the will of the people?

Following that, his statement about preparing children to live in a diverse world is deeply troubling. How is exposure to drag queens and trannies going to help kids in the job market once they turn 18? How will it help their mental, social and emotional development?

Is he openly stating that public schools are social engineering tools or that he believes public schools should be social engineering tools?

If the public system (a product of parents’ tax money) is not here to serve parents’ beliefs, then whose beliefs it is serving? If public anything is not here to serve parents and the everyday people who pay for it, then who it is serving?

Really makes you think.