Taylor Swift’s Dad Deletes Facebook After Being Attacked for Conservative Memes! Taylor Release Monkey-Sex Vid!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 23, 2019

See, this confirms everything I’ve speculated.

I said from the beginning of the Taylor Swift phenomenon that she was conservative because she was raised in a conservative family, and that she only became a complete and total shitlib whore because she got fat and old and didn’t have any kids to show for it.

Daily Mail:

Taylor Swift’s father Scott has deleted his Facebook account after the singer appeared to reveal it to fans, who claimed they had found right-wing memes on his personal page.

The 29-year-old pop star, who endorsed Democrat politicians in her home state of Tennessee last year, appeared to share a joke on Tumblr which her father Scott Swift had made on his personal Facebook page.

The Tumblr post was quickly deleted and her father’s Facebook account disappeared soon after.

But before Scott’s Facebook was deleted, screenshots were taken of what were claimed to be political posts including right-leaning memes about immigration and one refusing to acknowledge Elizabeth Warren as a Senator…

The quick deletions also prompted speculation that Swift would not want the political posts out there – a day before she launches her new album ‘Lover’ which is expected to have left-leaning ‘political undertones’.

The singer’s representatives made no comment when approached by MailOnline.

Of course.

This new album is some kind of ultra-gay anal affair, because fat, old Tay-Tay is now simply a childless fag-hag.

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Her once beautiful legs are now a couple of Christmas hams.

Fat, old, childless women always become liberal extremists because they are fundamentally angry at white men and seek to destroy them by any means necessary.

Taylor Swift’s father, conservative as he may be, is obviously a coward, evidenced by the fact that he deleted his Facebook at his whore daughter’s request.

If he would not have been such a weak coward, he could have gotten her to get married and have kids when she was younger, which would have led to her being happy and healthy and not needing to become a radical anal propagandist.

Look at how prescient this post was.

Shame, shame, Scott.

Your daughter is a fat whore and the whole world knows you’re a coward and a terrible father.

Now she’s making pro-bestiality videos! Because the COLOREDS are the only ones interested in her FAT.

Shame, shame, shame.