Taylor Swift “CATS” Film is Straight Up Furry Pornography

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 27, 2019

If you thought Taylor Swift turning into a hambeast, endorsing the Democrats and pushing homosexuality on children was bad – well, that was all just a warm-up.

Her new film CATS, allegedly based on the based and catpilled Andrew Lloyd Webber musical (which in turn was based on a series of TS Elliot poems), is straight up furry pornography.

The traditional performance of cats was just catgirls. They were in cat ears with makeup, but they were not intended to look like anything other than humans with cat ears and makeup.

However, the new film, featuring Taylor Swift as Bombalurina, uses computer animation to create furry fetish idols.

This is clearly not only intended to appeal to furry fetishists, but also to create an entire new generation of furries.

You see, the human sexual identity is formed during the years leading up to puberty.

So a homosexual is created by a child being molested by an adult faggot.

And a furry is created by a child being exposed to sexualized imagery of anthropomorphic animals.

This initial wave of furries we see now was created by Disney and other cartoon companies in the 1990s.

I will never forget that when A Goofy Movie came out in 1995 when I was 11, a kid I went to school with became sexually infatuated with the female character, Roxanne.

The character was sexualized in the film, having humanoid signs of fertility – see these hips:

And gestures that boys associate with cute girls were meticulously added to the dog body of this dog cartoon.

There was even a dream sequence with open sensuality.

Furthermore, her voice was extremely sultry, and created by a real life sexy girl, Kellie Martin, who was at the time 18 and had been on several TV shows.

You’ll note that the face of the Roxanne character was based on her real features – so you had a dog version of a teen sex icon.

So – literally, a plot to create furries by marketing a sexualized animal to children in their early stages of sexual development.

I don’t know if that boy who was infatuated with Roxanne grew up to be a furry or not – but I know that there were many such cases.

Just checking Google Images now, and “Roxanne Goofy Movie” is filled with furry fan art.

CATS is going to take this phenomenon to an entirely new level, using advanced CGI methods to blur the line between human and animal.

Of course, parents don’t expect that a children’s cartoon is attempting to put extreme and deviant sexual fetishes in the minds of their children. So most will take their kids to see this CATS film, which I’m sure will have some artistic merit.

The films of the director, Tom Hopper, have won a whole bunch of Academy Awards, including The King’s Speech and Les Misérables.

Andrew Lloyd Webber himself – who is a genius – came out of retirement to help the fag hag Swift write some of the new songs.

And thus you will see the worst generation of furries ever created.