Taxi Firm Offers White Drivers on Demand in Non-White Infested Area

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
October 23, 2014

Rochdale minicab firm Car 2000 which bought out the cab firm involved with the rape gangs, is offering White drivers only, after two Non-White taxi drivers were jailed for their part in the sex trafficking and rape of young white girls in the town.

A taxi company in one of the tribal-occupied areas scandalized by non-White rape gangs victimizing White schoolgirls has started offering White drivers, due to such a heavy demand for them.

How long do you think this will last before the cultural Marxists shut it down and demand the right for Non-White drivers to take advantage of White schoolgirls?

Daily Mail

Rochdale minicab firm Car 2000 is offering the choice after two taxi drivers of Pakistani origin were jailed for their part in the sex trafficking and rape of young white girls in the town.The firm, which bought out Eagle Taxis – a company at the centre of the grooming scandal, has revealed that many customers were asking for white or ‘local’ drivers, it was reported last night.

Simon Danczuk, the town’s Labour MP, branded the development ‘extremely worrying’ but the council said Car 2000 was doing nothing wrong.

MP Simon Danczuk finds this “extremely worrying” when surely it should just be common sense that you would want one of your own kind driving you or your children about.

The firm’s boss, Stephen Campbell, manager of Car 2000, told the Guardian: ‘We have had quite a lot of customers requesting what they call a local driver.

‘A bit insane if you consider that most of the [Asian] lads were born in Rochdale. But it’s a business and we have got a duty to do what the customer asks us to.

‘I don’t think we can discriminate against the customer in the same way. It is a business at the end of the day. We have a large bank loan to pay back.’

Mr Campbell said around 20 drivers had left Eagle Taxis after the two drivers were prosecuted.

He added: ‘One of them got a knife held to his throat, one of them had his car smashed up.’

Good to hear that the rest of the guilty parties who stood by and said nothing about the girls being raped are getting some rough justice at last.

Some of the perverts jailed for raping young White girls in Rochdale.