Tawny Kitaen Cause of Death Released Six Months Later – Looks Like the Vax!

Back in May, when we were first realizing that people were dying from the vaccine and the media was covering it up, I suggested that Tawny Kitaen, an 80s sex symbol who died “randomly” at age 59, could have died from the vax.

Although it was never confirmed she took the vax, there were tweets where she was excited about taking it.

Now, her cause of death has been revealed.


Actress Tawny Kitaen died on May 7 from dilated cardiomyopathy. The manner of death was ruled natural today by the Orange County Sheriff’s Dept. in California.

This definitely makes it much more likely that she died from the vaccine than it was when they didn’t say the cause of death, and just said “died mysteriously.”

As we well know now, the vax causes heart disease, which is often fatal. It is also causing people to develop chronic heart problems.

Just to be clear – even in this totally censored landscape, there is actually documentation about people developing cardiomyopathy as a result of the vax. You hear a lot about the myocarditis – but they’re similar conditions, and it’s both. Here’s one study.

Recently, a 4- and 5-year-old child were given the Covid vax accidentally. They are both now being treated for heart disease.

The media is saying that Tawny also had benzos in her system. Here’s a quick quiz question: how many 59-year-old women do not have benzos in their system at any given time? I would guess well over 50% of American women aged 59 take benzos, and these women are not dying randomly from heart disease – or at least they weren’t before this vax was deployed.

I will also say that the fact that they waited nearly six months after her death to release information about the cause of death also indicates that they were trying to cover up a link to the vax. Generally, “so and so died of a heart attack” is the headline. It’s not like a drug overdose, where they have to do tests to figure out what happened – a heart attack is usually obvious. And no death takes six months to figure out.

There appears to be an ongoing policy of covering up “mysterious” and “random” deaths.

To be clear, we have no idea how many people are dying from the vaccine, as the media and government are both outright refusing to keep track of deaths. It was a really wild thing to say “we’re just going to test this drug on the entire population,” but then to do the test and not keep track of the side effects – and actively suppress people who do try to keep track of the side effects – is truly just nuts.

We do know from the VAERS system – which is a self-reporting system that keeps track of only a fraction of side effects – that this coronavirus vaccine is more deadly than all other vaccines ever in history combined. Official reports indicate the vax is killing dozens of people every day in America.

What’s more, we have no idea about the people who are getting the vaccine and then having heart attacks or other events weeks or months after getting the injection. We do know that the vaccine is causing many to develop permanent heart conditions, and that the Moderna vaccine is being restricted and banned all over the world due to the number of people developing heart disease.

Remember: this is all for a disease that is indistinguishable from the flu, according to the official data. My assertion has been that it actually is the flu, and that it has been rebranded as a new disease. Regardless, no one should take the risk associated with this vax to protect themselves from a harmless respiratory infection.

Many right-wingers have said “you can take it if you want but I’m against people being forced to take it.” However, I would go so far as to assert that anyone who decides to take the vax is mentally incompetent. There is no way that someone rationally weighing the risks of the vax vs. the risks of the alleged virus would make the decision to take the vax.

Any person who would make that decision has some kind of psychotic mania.

What’s more: we have evidence that people who take this vax start “shedding” the mutant genetic material in the vax and that this can then infect other people. Remember: the media/government eventually admitted that the vax was causing irregular periods in the women that took the vax, but they never addressed the fact that women who didn’t take the vax, who were simply around women who took it, also got irregular periods. These women were not kissing each other or otherwise sharing fluids – they were women from their workplace. So something was apparently being shed from the skin of the vax and causing body changes in the unvaxed.

Mentally ill people who think this vax is safe do not have a right to pollute the environment with dangerous genetic materials.

The question is: if we have all of these celebrities dying of the vaccine, having heart attacks and so on, then how many random people are having these issues?

Again: we have no idea. But it’s clearly a lot more than we’re being told.