Tanzania: 65 Wakandan Scientists Arrested for High-Tech Albino Experiments

Daily Stormer
March 12, 2019

Wakanda rising – YOU SCARED WHITEY?!?!?!?

Good thing Hitler never had the sense of hiring some Wakandan engineers in his army, or else we’d all be eating strudels now.


Police in Tanzania have arrested 65 “witchdoctors”, or traditional healers, in connection with the ritual killing of at least 10 children.

The children were killed in January and many had body parts removed.

There is a belief among some people in Tanzania, and neighbouring countries, that using human body parts in rituals can bring wealth and good luck.

The only thing holding Africa back these days is Whitey’s interference, mainly in the form of this cultural imperialism that is stopping them from gaining wealth and good luck.

The inspector general of police, Simon Sirro, has ordered that every traditional healer obtain a licence.

Another act of racist sabotage…

Ten children were murdered in the south-western Njombe region and an unknown number in the northern Simuyu region.

One of the children, Goodluck Mfugale, was just five years old when he was killed. His parents told the BBC their son had been robbed of his future.

No, it is Africa who’s being robbed of its future.

It they had just let these Wakandans use his dick to fuel a flying peanut-butter pyramid, his life would have had value, and his sacrifice would’ve helped Africa retake its rightful role as ruler of the solar system.

There is a particular belief that the body parts of people with albinism are especially potent in the rituals, leading to many killings.

However it is not clear if any of the 10 children known to have been killed had albinism.

Maybe they’ve found a way to use standard niglets as effectively as albino ones, which proves that Africans can innovate even when they’re being oppressed.

Once they get rid of the White Supremacist laws crippling their technological advance… Look out Whitey, you’re gonna pay for stealing their pyramids.