Talk Show Hosts Now Appearing Unhinged on TV, Society of Full Paranoia Unfolding

The stress of the coronavirus hysteria and the black revolution that is happening against that backdrop are almost certainly driving you into a state of total mental instability, and you also almost certainly are not especially aware of this fact. It may be helpful to observe other people. Understand that this is happening to famous people as well. This is not something that wealth or privilege is going to protect anyone from. We are literally transitioning into a new reality.

I was just going through and watching some old Tucker Carlson clips on YouTube, and was sprung upon by a clip from Fox News’ “The Five” featuring special guest Judge Jeanine. I’m not really interested in this kind of content, but have always kind of liked the Judge and considered her as hardcore and interesting as any woman is likely to ever be. (I don’t sit and watch her show, but I’d list her as my second favorite Fox News host. As a Lebanese Christian, she openly hates Moslems and strategically hates Jews.) So that’s why I didn’t immediately turn it off.

I’m glad I didn’t turn it off, because what I found in this clip was fascinating. All of these people appear as though they’re about to snap. Seriously, they are completely on edge, virtually shaking, and the screaming doesn’t seem to be staged for dramatic effect as it often is on Fox News.

Jeanine introduces the segment, which is about the alleged boycott of Goya foods after the Mexican company’s European-Mexican CEO said “Americans are lucky” to have a president like Donald Trump. She did what seemed like a normal introduction to such a segment.

She then went to Greg Guttfeld, who looks 20 years older than he did last year. He broke into a berserk diatribe about cancel culture and how someone needs to “make a company” that doxes the people who are doing boycotts of Goya foods or getting people fired so that people can spam-call their employers.

Guttfeld credited the idea to Scott Adams. I like Scott Adams well enough, I especially support his continued free speech advocacy and physical fitness promotion, but I have not followed him recently and cannot find if he actually said “create a company to dox people for cancel culture.” If he did say that, he has also become deranged, because this doesn’t make any sense. You can check his boomer blog and see if you can find this information.

But what Guttfeld said specifically, although weird, was not the notable thing about the rant. The real shocker was that he was trying to do his regular comedy bit, but was barely holding it together, and you can see him visibly twitching at the corner of his mouth as he physically attempts to restrain himself from crying or going into convulsions.

When he was on screen and not talking, his eyes were bugging out and darting around, and you can notice him clinching the sides of his mouth to suppress the tremors.

When he was talking, he was visibly reading from notes on his desk, the entire time, which I have never seen him or really any news personality who’s been on TV 5 or 6 days a year for 20 years do, ever. His thing was something that even a person not trained in this field should have been able to memorize in 10 minutes. Also, I don’t know if he’s broadcasting from home without a teleprompter, but if so, and if his brain is in such a state that he can’t memorize a thing, he could have posted notes along the camera, as any basic YouTuber does.

Greg later had an outburst when Jesse Watters was talking, which led to weird and confused crosstalk.

Watters himself, along with the blonde woman, were holding it together better than Greg, but were visibly engaged in the process of “holding it together.”

The well-dressed elderly negro gentleman was clearly on pills.

The negro, who plays the “liberal foil” on the show, had his own notes he was checking and waving around, even though all he was doing was saying the same thing he says every day, which is just “bad liberal talking points dot text.”

The Judge then totally snapped at these standard talking points that this guy says every day.

Probably, the people on Fox News have good reason to be upset by this current situation. If the left wins this election, they will probably be able to keep from being murdered by a mob, but their lives are going to change, massively. People on the internet consider Fox News to be controlled opposition, and that is basically accurate (though the situation is much more nuanced than a lot of simple people on the internet would claim – that’s a topic for another time), but there isn’t going to be any room for that when the brutality of the left is unleashed.

But on the whole, I think everyone is probably this on edge. There is nothing about our current situation which is okay. Reality is collapsing. Everyone is feeling it. The entire planet is being transformed, and despite the fact that many people are supporting it out of a duty to an alleged normalcy, everyone knows that the world we are creating is going to be much, much worse than the one we lived in up through January of 2020.

We likely do not talk enough about the role that “future shock” plays in our current woes.


Alvin Toffler argued that society is undergoing an enormous structural change, a revolution from an industrial society to a “super-industrial society”. This change overwhelms people. He argues that the accelerated rate of technological and social change leaves people disconnected and suffering from “shattering stress and disorientation”—future shocked. Toffler stated that the majority of social problems are symptoms of future shock. In his discussion of the components of such shock he popularized the term “information overload.”

The book is worth the time, probably, although the follow-up, “The Third Wave,” is more relevant.

The important thing though is to just understand the core concept, which is that rapid change causes a kind of stress that leads to a disconnection from reality, and a perception that there is no reality. We were basically managing that, though not very well, before this coronavirus hoax and subsequent racial uprising lunacy. Now, I do not think we can manage it.

What is happening is designed to overwhelm us, psychologically, and create the groundwork for even more massive social changes, which will involve a slaughter of white people, and a total opening of the borders of white countries, in order to give birth to the Jewish paradise of the future, which is a world of mixed race brown people ruled over by Jews, with a central world government in Israel. They are planning to do human sacrifices and all kinds of things that will only be possible when the current reality is completely torn down.

They are going to pull off the mask and take the whole world into their world of ancient tribal demons and bizarre otherworldly and astral events in their quest to become equal to God.

Everything that is happening is based on a social simulation run through a computer. They know how you’re going to react. Or they think they do, and thus far, they’ve been right entirely.

Please try not to go insane. I am talking to people now who describe interactions that they had at work or in other public places, where people behave in the way that lunatics behave. I am going to try to see if I can de-personalize some of these stories and record them here on the site. The shocking thing, primarily, is not only the stories themselves as they’re being told to me, but also the way that the people telling the stories interpret the behavior. In particular, they do not view it as insane, but instead are trying to logically work through insane interactions. This is fatal, as it creates a feedback loop, where everyone is going insane without knowing that they’re going insane, and dealing with other people who are experiencing the same thing. It creates the ultimate paranoia, where everyone is inside of their own heads, processing things in bizarre ways and giving output that feeds into the paranoia and delusion of others.

Understand that you are probably losing touch, and do what you can to stabilize yourself. As always, physical exercise is the one thing everyone can do that will always help the mind. I don’t usually encourage running very regularly, as a rule, but I think now might be a time to make an exception to that rule. Try not to look insane if you go out running – find a place where it will seem normal. Although it doesn’t really matter if you look insane, because people will not interpret it as insane, and will instead likely interpret it as a plot against them.

The best thing, by far, is to get out in nature. Leave your phone, leave any books or anything else, and just go walking, go sit by a river, listen to the birds, whatever. If you can, go camping.

Whatever you do, do not sit in front of your computer in your room all day, and do not engage people who are acting weird. Just smile and nod and use words of equanimity. Say, “I apologize” and “thank you” to people who appear to be getting agitated. You want to become involved in the paranoid delusions of as few people as possible. Eventually, people are going to begin ratting out people who are involved in their paranoid delusions to the mob to be murdered, or to the government to be investigated. Because of course, the people in the government are losing their minds just the same.

It’s all shockingly similar to a Philip K. Dick novel.