Taliban: The Sheer Competence of These Lads

I think many do not understand just how fantastic this offensive by the Taliban actually was.

If you were to go back and compare it to the late 1990s campaign, you would be shocked at the pure efficiency of these fighters, numbering less than 100,000, moving across the entire country and meeting surrender at every juncture.

They also managed to hold Shia areas without getting hit from behind, through the entire march. No one wanted to fight them.

What it shows is the complete failure of the Western feminist and anal project. Even the natural enemies of the Taliban said “well, at least they’re better than the Americans, with that gay shit.”

Basically, their campaign had won hearts and minds before they ever grabbed their Kalashnikovs and loaded up their Toyotas.

But they also managed a level of military organization that was so tight you could bounce a dinar off of it.

Right now, as I type, the entire country is at peace. These men in their towels and sandals are holding down the entire country, and making it look like it’s nothing.

Imagine that they were telling us for more than a decade that if US troops pulled out, there would be violence and civil war. As it turns out, all of the violence was being created by the Americans themselves. The Taliban are the kings of peacefulness and tranquility.