Taliban Tells Women to Stay Indoors, Fighters Not Trained to Respect Them

How on earth could any single adult person be opposed to a rule that women should stay inside?

Fox News:

The Taliban is warning employed women in Afghanistan to stay indoors until it trains security forces on “how to deal with women.”

“Our security forces are not trained [in] how to deal with women — how to speak to women [for] some of them,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told reporters at a press conference Tuesday. “Until we have full security in place … we ask women to stay home.”

He added that the guidance is a “very temporary procedure,” and women will be allowed to return to work once a system is in place to protect their safety.

The announcement comes as women in the country fear the Taliban will return to how it ruled from 1996-2001, when women were not allowed to attend school or work, could only leave their homes with the presence of a man and were required to wear head-to-toe coverings.

The Taliban recently said it will respect “women’s rights,” but various reports from the ground show women already being pulled from banking jobs and others working to flee the country out of fear of being killed.

Meanwhile, activist and former Afghan judge Najla Ayoubi added in an interview with Sky News last week that a Taliban fighter allegedly set a woman on fire for “bad cooking,” while other young women are reportedly being forced into sex slavery.

It’s stupid and silly that Fox News is going along with this feminism hoax.

Do conservatives – Trump supporters – now believe that it is the duty of the US military to enforce feminism?

Could anyone on the right-wing ever argue that any of the things they are against would be happening if women were not allowed to leave their houses in America?

I don’t think so.

So their opinion is that women’s liberation matters more than any other issue. If we have to have mass immigration, Joe Biden, child trannies, Black Lives Matter, election hoaxes, socialism, censorship, etc. in order to defend women’s rights – it’s worth it?

They think that?

Or is this just a Jewish plot by people like Ezra Levant?

It’s worth asking conservatives: how much are you willing to sacrifice in the name of women’s liberation?

I don’t think that question has been asked.