Taliban Starting to Clean Up the Airport as Faggots and Traitors Getting Rowdy

Aside from the fact that the Taliban is based and redpilled and just forced the entire forces of ZOG to surrender, part of the excitement here comes from fact that we are watching history in action.

This is a bigger deal than the surrender in Vietnam.


Large numbers of Afghan people have gathered outside Kabul airport, seeking to flee the country as the Taliban takes control. The group’s fighters have reached the airport’s gates and were seen firing guns to contain the crowd.

Kabul airport, which saw chaotic scenes overnight and throughout Monday amid the hasty evacuation of foreign troops, diplomats and their local helpers, continues to remain a hotspot for people seeking to leave Afghanistan.

Hundreds gathered outside the facility’s gates, footage from the scene shows, seeking to get inside. Multiple Taliban fighters were spotted right at the airport entrance, repeatedly firing into the air in an apparent attempt to control and disperse the crowd.

Aside from small arms, the militants also sported some heavier weaponry, as well as several armed trucks. At least one Taliban fighter was seen carrying an RPG as he patrolled through the crowd.

At least seven people have been killed at the airport since Sunday night, according to media reports citing US officials. Hundreds of Afghans flocked to the airfield in a desperate attempt to leave the country, as the Taliban entered the capital and President Ashraf Ghani also took flight.

We don’t know how they’ve all been killed, but all of them that we’ve seen killed died trying to hold onto planes that were taking off. Which is so funny.

I’m not surprised that the Taliban is sick of the scene at the airport. The entire city, and the entire country, is now peaceful, but the one place that still has US influence – the airport – is a huge mess.

The Taliban want peace, so it is logical that they would want to clean this mess up.

They’ve given ZOG plenty of time to get their people out.

And get their people out they have – we’ve seen photos of huge numbers of “refugees” (read: “Afghan traitors, sluts and homosexuals”) aboard planes headed for the UK or US.

The Taliban seems to want to avoid having huge numbers of people leaving the country. These people are not stupid, and they appear to understand that a large “refugee crisis” would give the West ammo against them. Plus – what reason do these people have to leave? The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is now a paradise, and only truly twisted fiends would want to escape it.

At least Turkey is down to help.