Taliban Shows Off New Gear, Mocks America

We should have continued this war forever to stop the Taliban from making fun of us.

Business Insider:

The Taliban have released a propaganda video featuring its fighters wearing US uniforms and gear.

The insurgents have captured billions of dollars worth of US equipment left behind by fleeing Afghan soldiers.

Khalil Haqqani, a designated global terrorist, gave a sermon in Kabul while carrying a US assault rifle.

It is actually kind of ridiculous that the government didn’t pull all of this stuff out of the country before the surrender. That is one Republican talking point that I do agree with. It really shows that these people are absolutely delusional, and thought that the “Afghan Government” was going to do something other than immediately surrender and/or switch sides as soon as they saw them bois rolling in their Toyotas.

But really: who gives a shit?

I cannot refer to anything related to the American government as “ours.” I have no relationship to this Beast that has captured the land of my birth.

And I think the Taliban has a good sense of humor.

Much better than the Democrats and Republicans, who are humorless, pathetic, disgusting, and evil.

This thing with the sluts crying – it will never stop being funny.

“Our dreams died.”

Man, I love that.

It just feels so good that somewhere on this earth, sluts are finally getting what they deserve.

Also today, the Fake President’s brother joined the Taliban.

People are also getting shot at the airport, supposedly.

However, reports are that they’re fags and traitors to Allah.

Many fags are also being slapped around like little bitches.

Them bois are just too much, lads.