Taliban Officially Bans Production, Distribution, And Use of Narcotics

At the same Kabul press conference on Tuesday where the Taliban spokesman condemned the censorship practices of Facebook, he also announced that from now on, The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will be a narcotics-free country.

Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that all of the opium and heroin production which has been run by the US military for the last two decades will end, and the country will go back to the drug-free way it was before the American invasion.

“We had brought narcotics production to a halt in 2001. That is something we will do. Afghanistan will be drug-free from now on,” he said.

“We need alternative crops, and we hope to bring this scourge to an end,” he continued, noting that he would welcome international assistance with developing a new agricultural model for the country.

During the first ever Taliban press conference, Mujahid also promised peace in the country, and guaranteed all rights that are outlined within Sharia Law.

In the United States and across the West, homosexuals, feminists and Jews are still reeling from the rapid and brutal defeat they suffered in the country, and have taken to simply whining and moaning like babies.

During the occupation, US troops were assigned to protect the opium fields, something which created much controversy among the strictly religious Taliban, along with Westerners who did not appreciate the US government flooding the streets with heroin.

The US and its allies had made billions off the production and sale of heroin while occupying Afghanistan for 19 years, but most of the CIA-linked distributors have now switched to fentanyl, meaning that the cut of their profits as a result of the loss of the war in Afghanistan will be minimal.