Taliban Makes a Really Bad Decision

I hope this is just a fake plan that will be scrapped soon.

If they go through with it, there is no way they will survive.


The Taliban says women can attend universities under Taliban rule, but cannot share the same classes as men.

The Taliban’s education minister said the group wants to create a “reasonable and Islamic” curriculum.

The ruling militant group has said it will respect women’s rights in Afghanistan, but many are skeptical of its claims given the group’s history of suppression of women.

No nation, no country, and no people can survive educated women. Especially not college-educated women.

Women must be forced to do nothing but stay in the house, and if they have to go out, they must wear trashbags over their heads.

That is the only way any society can possibly ever work.

If you decide to let women participate in public society, you are automatically on a fast road to total doom.

We’ve seen this time and time again, and there is no exception.

The only thing women do to a society is destroy it totally.